Date Author Title
2023-12-15Xavier MertensCSharp Payload Phoning to a CobaltStrike Server
2021-11-30Johannes UllrichHunting for PHPUnit Installed via Composer
2021-11-14Didier StevensExternal Email System FBI Compromised: Sending Out Fake Warnings
2021-06-09Jan KoprivaArchitecture, compilers and black magic, or "what else affects the ability of AVs to detect malicious files"
2020-09-17Xavier MertensSuspicious Endpoint Containment with OSSEC
2019-08-28Xavier MertensMalware Samples Compiling Their Next Stage on Premise
2019-07-28Didier StevensVideo: Analyzing Compressed PowerShell Scripts
2019-07-20Guy BruneauRe-evaluating Network Security - It is Increasingly More Complex
2019-07-18Xavier MertensMalicious PHP Script Back on Stage?
2018-10-21Didier StevensMSG Files: Compressed RTF
2018-09-05Xavier MertensMalicious PowerShell Compiling C# Code on the Fly
2018-06-22Lorna HutchesonXPS Attachment Used for Phishing
2018-06-13Xavier MertensA Bunch of Compromized Wordpress Sites
2016-08-29Russ McReeRecommended Reading: Intrusion Detection Using Indicators of Compromise Based on Best Practices and Windows Event Logs
2016-08-19Xavier MertensData Classification For the Masses
2016-04-29Mark HofmanNew release of PCI DSS (version 3.2) is available
2016-02-03Xavier MertensAutomating Vulnerability Scans
2015-12-12Russell EubanksWhat Signs Are You Missing?
2015-09-01Daniel WesemannHow to hack
2015-05-29Russell EubanksTrust But Verify
2015-04-19Didier StevensHandling Special PDF Compression Methods
2015-03-07Guy BruneauShould it be Mandatory to have an Independent Security Audit after a Breach?
2014-07-19Russ McReeKeeping the RATs out: the trap is sprung - Part 3
2014-07-18Russ McReeKeeping the RATs out: **it happens - Part 2
2014-07-16Russ McReeKeeping the RATs out: an exercise in building IOCs - Part 1
2014-03-22Guy BruneauHow the Compromise of a User Account Lead to a Spam Incident
2013-06-07Daniel Wesemann100% Compliant (for 65% of the systems)
2013-02-22Johannes UllrichWhen web sites go bad: bible . org compromise
2013-01-08Richard PorterYahoo Web Interface Report: Compose and Send
2011-09-26Jason compromised spreading malware
2011-06-19Guy BruneauSega Pass Compromised - 1.29 Million Customers Data Leaked
2011-06-12Mark HofmanCloud thoughts
2011-04-18John Security Breach
2011-04-02Rick WannerRSA/EMC: Anatomy of a compromise
2011-02-21Adrien de BeaupreWinamp forums compromised
2010-12-13Deborah HaleGawker Media Breach of Security
2010-06-02Rob VandenBrinkNew Mac malware - OSX/Onionspy
2010-05-15Deborah HaleOnboard Computers Subject to Attack?
2010-01-26Jason Lame107 CMS system website compromised
2009-11-29Patrick Nolan A Cloudy Weekend
2009-10-05Adrien de BeaupreTime to change your hotmail/gmail/yahoo password
2009-08-28Adrien de compromised
2009-08-21Rick WannerInteresting malware...affecting the Delphi Compiler?
2009-08-19Daniel WesemannChecking your protection
2009-07-29Bojan ZdrnjaIncreasing number of attacks on security sites
2008-11-16Maarten Van HorenbeeckDetection of Trojan control channels
2008-08-25John BambenekThoughts on the Best Western Compromise
2008-04-22donald smithSymantec decomposer rar bypass allowed malicious content.