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2 days ago Yet another way for criminals to screw us

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Fraudsters Tap Kohl?s Cash for Cold Cash

2 days ago NYPD Used Stingrays over 1,000 Times Since 2008

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Documents obtained by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) this month show that the New York Police Department used stingrays more than 1,000 times since 2008 without warrants.

2 days ago When it comes to spaffing your login creds, Android biz apps are the business

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300% better at it than non-business apps

Business apps for Android are three times more likely to leak login credentials than the average app, according to a new study by security firm NowSecure.

2 days ago BlackEnergy, KillDisk Infect Ukrainian Mining, Railway Systems

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Researchers at security firm Trend Micro have found evidence suggesting that pieces of malware involved in the recent attacks against Ukraine's energy sector have been used to target other types of organizations as well.

2 days ago Skype users were targeted by bad-ad pushing Angler crooks

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But fear not - the taint has now been purged

Cybercrooks have been caught running booby-trapped ads on Skype to redirect users towards an Angler exploit kit trap.

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18 hours ago Checklist for Assessing a Disaster

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The Business Continuity Plan needs to outline the steps and issues that ought to be considered when assessing the impact of a disaster. The Recovery Coordinator must be able to advise the Chief Executive and senior management teams on the impact of a...

7 hours ago The Original Hacker's Dictionary For Small Business Owners

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A cybersecurity book and glossary for newbies and small business owners.

1 day ago How to use secure shell from your Chromebook

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If you remotely administer Linux servers with the help of secure shell, grab the nearest Chromebook. Jack Wallen walks you through the steps of using ssh from Chrome OS.

1 day ago Teen Arrested in Britain Linked to Hack of US Spy Chiefs

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British police said Friday they had arrested a teenager on hacking charges, as media reports said the youth was suspected of cracking the personal accounts of top US intelligence officials.

2 days ago Warning: Bug in Adobe Creative Cloud deletes Mac user data without warning

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Adobe has stopped distribution of an update believed to be triggering the deletions.

1 day ago Friday Squid Blogging : Pajama Squid

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The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a pajama squid.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered.

1 day ago Brit spies can legally hack PCs and phones, say Brit spies' overseers

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So that's that, then

Blighty's spying nerve center GCHQ has a license to hack computers and devices at will, a UK intelligence oversight court has ruled.

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2 hours ago Moving from Mobility To Digital Workspaces With VMware's Workspace One

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Change, convergence, complexity and convenience. These are words that describe the technology landscape as businesses look to create digital enterprises. Digital transformation, while not new, is evolving. Every part of a business is changing as a result of the rise of mobile, cloud computing, big data and analytics. In the [...]

10 hours ago Third-party mainframe maintenance services

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Colin Fettes from Azamour Solutions took a look at alternative ways to source and support your mainframe infrastructure and examines its impact on your bottom line in this year?s Arcati Mainframe Yearbook.