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1 day ago Guns don't scare people, hackers do: Americans fear identity theft more than shooting sprees

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Citizens know their stats

A survey into what Americans fear most has shown that fears of identity theft and being unsafe online outweigh the fear of being shot.

1 day ago Finland's Nokia reports strong profits from networks

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By Jussi Rosendahl HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finland's Nokia beat market expectations as it reported strong third-quarter profit growth and lifted the profitability outlook for its core network gear unit on the back of large network roll-outs in North America and China. Nokia shares rose 5.3 percent to 6.85 euros by 0830 GMT, underscoring investors' positive view of the transformation of the company from a struggling mobile handset maker, the consumer-focused business it sold to Microsoft six months ago, into a pure play network-equipment maker. ...

21 hours ago If you are trying out Windows 10 technical Preview, a new build is out

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Looks like there is a new release of the WinX Technical Preview (9860). It should download and install automatically. From what I?ve read, it can take a loooong time, so be prepared. We?re rolling out our first new build to the Windows Insider Pr...

19 hours ago Ad-borne Cryptowall ransomware is set to claim FRESH VICTIMS

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Cybercrooks slurping hundreds of thousands from innocent marks, say securo-bods

Security watchers are warning of a surge in CryptoWall ransomware victims this month that will coincide with a campaign to spread a new variant of the malware though advertising networks.

17 hours ago Network gear maker Nokia tops market expectations

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By Jussi Rosendahl HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia delivered quarterly profits well above expectations on Thursday, six months after selling its struggling handset business to Microsoft in a 5.6 billion euros ($7.1 billion) deal that transformed it into a pure play network equipment maker. The Finnish company reported strong earnings from its core network gear unit and lifted the outlook for the business following large network roll-outs in North America and China. Despite concerns over lower-margin deals in China, Nokia's network unit showed a core operating profit margin of 13. ...

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7 hours ago Moscow, Beijing poised to sign deal on joint cyber security ops

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Russian, Chinese security projects on the horizon

Moscow and Beijing will next month sign a deal to commence joint information security projects and operations, and to increase cooperation in the space, according to a popular Russian newspaper with ties to President Vladimir Putin.

13 minutes ago CRM Integration Essentials: Real-Time Architecture

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Our third article in this CRM Integration Essentials Series covers CRM Integration Real-Time Architecture. We previously discussed CRM Integration Security and CRM Integration Scalability and will address Opportunity-to-Order Conversion, and Enterprise Mobile Mashup in future articles.

1 day ago No Repercussions for Failing to Comply with FedRAMP Standards? (October 15, 2014)

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US government agencies that missed a June 5, 2014 deadline for ensuring that their cloud computing systems met a set of baseline security standards appear unlikely to face repercussions.......

2 days ago Data Center Security Still Not Top Priority: SANS Survey Results Revealed

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BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Data center security teams must secure their assets on legacy, cloud, and virtual systems, according to the SANS 2014 Data Center Security Survey. In it, 77% of respondent organizations are using hypervisors in their data center architectures, 27% still also include mainframe computers, and 14% still include Windows Server 2000. ...

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13 minutes ago Skills vs Skillz

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I remember in my childhood a magazine that I used to love reading. It had crazy caricatures, weird stories and off the wall comics. In short it was a Mad magazine. One of those comics, one of my favourites, was called "Spy vs Spy" and it was about a black spy and a white spy battling it out in an endless struggle to one up each other.


This is not so much different from the

1 hour ago Google absorbs Oxford Uni boffins in artificial intelligence boost quest

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'I'm sorry Larry, I'm afraid I can't do that'

Google has hired seven academics from Oxford University and signed partnerships with the engineering and computer science facilities to help it develop its DeepMind artificial intelligence system.

5 hours ago Yahoo<i>!</i> Timestamps<i>!</i> Now<i>!</i> Block<i>!</i> Facebook<i>!</i> Email<i>!</i> Snoops<i>!</i>

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A year later, selfies saved from Purple Palace zombie email accounts

Facebook has begun using a Yahoo! email standard created in August last year to prevent snooping through the acquisition of old addresses.

10 hours ago Reservationless Conferencing: Another Cool VoIP Feature

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I'm continuing this series on the hidden value of VoIP, with a focus on the enhanced features you don't get with legacy telephony.  If legacy is all you've known, it's easy to get accustomed to the features and

10 hours ago Windows 10 could eliminate two major online security headaches

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We've seen a bunch of hugely promising new features that Microsoft has added to Windows 10 via its Technical Preview but this might be the most important one yet. ZDNet's Ed Bott gives us a detailed rundown of the new two-factor authentication system that Microsoft is implementing with Windows 10 and he says it has the potential to effectively cripple phishing attacks and password database breaches, which are two of the most popular tactics hackers use to gain unauthorized access to our online accounts. LEARN MORE: Everything we know about Windows 10 By now you're probably familiar with two-factor authentication, which typically involves sending you a separate access code via either email or SMS that you enter in after you've