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Volunteer incident handlers donate their valuable time to analyze detects and anomalies, and post a daily diary of their analysis and thoughts on the Storm Center web site. Below you will find Handler details including personal pages, additional scripts or papers, or whatever the respective handler is interested in offering. All content is owned by the respective handler.

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Current Handlers

Basil Alawi S.Taher

Mark Baggett

John Bambenek

Guy Bruneau

Pedro Bueno

Tony Carothers

Jim Clausing

Adrien de Beaupre

Brad Duncan

Russell Eubanks

Scott Fendley

Swa Frantzen

Deborah Hale

Stephen Hall

Mark Hofman

Lorna Hutcheson

Kevin Liston

Russ McRee

Chris Mohan

Richard Porter

Manuel Humberto Santander Pelaez

Santander Pelaez, Manuel Humberto

Mr. Santander Pelaez currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer of Empresas Publicas de Medellin E.S.P. in Medellin,Colombia. His areas of interest are Intrusion Detection, Computer Forensics, Incident Response, SCADA Security, Network Design and cyberwarfare.


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Kevin Shortt

Alex Stanford

Didier Stevens

Johannes Ullrich

Ullrich, Johannes

Dr. Johannes Ullrich is the Dean of Research and a faculty member of the SANS Technology Institute. In November of 2000, Johannes started the project, which he later integrated into the Internet Storm Center. His work with the Internet Storm Center has been widely recognized. In 2004, Network World named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the networking industry. Secure Computing Magazine named him in 2005 one of the Top 5 influential IT security thinkers. His research interests include IPv6, Network Traffic Analysis and Secure Software Development. Johannes is regularly invited to speak at conferences and has been interviewed by major publications, radio as well as TV stations. He is a member of the SANS Technology Institute's Faculty and Administration as well as Curriculum and Long Range Planning Committee. As chief research officer for the SANS Institute, Johannes is currently responsible for the GIAC Gold program. Prior to working for SANS, Johannes worked as a lead support engineer for a Web development company and as a research physicist. Johannes holds a PhD in Physics from SUNY Albany and is located in Jacksonville, Florida. More Details:


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Rob VandenBrink

Rick Wanner

Tom Webb

Daniel Wesemann

Bojan Zdrnja