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Cyber Security Awareness Month: What's your favorite/most scary false positive

Published: 2014-09-22
Last Updated: 2014-09-22 01:19:52 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1)
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As in prior years, we would like to use a theme for our October diaries, in order to participate in Cyber Security Awareness Month. This month, we are looking for "False Positives". One issue we are running into a lot is users who are new to security and start looking at logs, only to be confronted with unparsable, "scary" messages. But even as an experienced security practitioners, you can run into a an indicator that may initially get you to believe that your system is compromised only to learn later that there was nothing to worry about. 

To help us out, please send us your favorite scary, but in the end bening, lot message or other error/system message. Please include a few details stating why you initially thought that there was a problem and how you came to believe that the message was nothing to worry about. We hope to cover about 1 message for each work day (5 / week). Please include how you would like to be identified (usually we use submitters first name)



Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.

Keywords: CSAM 2014
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ISC StormCast for Monday, September 22nd 2014

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