Date Author Title
2021-10-09Guy BruneauScanning for Previous Oracle WebLogic Vulnerabilities
2020-05-05Russ McReeCloud Security Features Don't Replace the Need for Personnel Security Capabilities
2019-06-19Johannes UllrichCritical Actively Exploited WebLogic Flaw Patched CVE-2019-2729
2018-07-17Scott FendleyOracle Critical Patch Update Release
2017-10-30Johannes UllrichCritical Patch For Oracle's Identity Manager
2016-03-23Bojan ZdrnjaAbusing Oracles
2014-07-15Daniel WesemannOracle July 2014 CPU (patch bundle)
2014-07-13Tony CarothersOracle July 2014 Update Pre-Notification
2014-04-16Johannes UllrichOracle Critical Patch Update for April 2014
2014-01-30Johannes UllrichOracle Reports Vulnerability
2014-01-14Johannes UllrichOracle Critical Patch Update January 2014
2013-02-20Johannes UllrichUpdate Palooza
2013-02-19Johannes UllrichOracle Updates Java (Java 7 Update 15, Java 6 update 41)
2013-01-12Stephen HallOracle Patch Tuesday Pre-Release
2012-10-17Mark HofmanOracle Critical Patch Update October
2012-09-23Tony CarothersUpdate for CVE-2012-3132
2012-07-25Johannes UllrichMicrosoft Exchange/Sharepoint and others: Oracle Outside In Vulnerability
2012-07-15Guy BruneauOracle July 2012 Critical Patch Pre-Release Announcement
2012-04-30Rob VandenBrinkPatch for Oracle TNS Listener issue released !
2012-04-27Johannes UllrichCritical Unpatched Oracle Vulnerability
2012-04-18Kevin ShorttOracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2012:
2012-04-13Daniel WesemannOracle CPU Patches announced for Apr 17
2012-02-16Tony CarothersJava Update for February
2012-02-01Russ McReeOracle Security Alert:
2012-01-18Richard PorterOracle Quarterly Released,
2011-10-22Guy BruneauOracle Java SE Critical Patch Update
2011-10-19Mark HofmanOracle Critical Patch Update
2011-04-16Scott FendleyOracle Patch Update Pre-Release Announcement
2011-03-07Bojan ZdrnjaOracle padding attacks (Codegate crypto 400 writeup)
2011-02-15Jason LamOracle Java 6 Update 24
2011-02-09Mark HofmanJava Floating point issue (CVE-2010-4476)
2011-01-18Daniel WesemannOracle Patches (Jan2011 CPU)
2010-10-12Scott FendleyOracle Critical Updates Released
2010-07-10Tony CarothersOracle July 2010 Pre-Release Announcement
2010-04-14Mark HofmanOracle has released 47 critical patches (Includes SUN patches)
2010-02-09Mark HofmanOracle has an unscheduled security alert and patch for CVE-2010-0073. The issue affects WebLogic Server and is remotely exploitable. Details and patch are here
2010-02-06Guy BruneauOracle WebLogic Server Security Alert
2010-01-12Johannes UllrichOracle Patches Relased
2009-10-20Raul SilesOracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) - October 2009
2009-10-16Adrien de BeaupreCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 16 - Port 1521 - Oracle TNS Listener
2009-07-14Swa FrantzenOracle Black Tuesday
2009-05-19Bojan ZdrnjaAdvanced blind SQL injection (with Oracle examples)
2009-04-14Swa FrantzenOracle quarterly patches
2008-10-14Swa FrantzenOracle quarterly patches on black tuesday
2008-07-30David GoldsmithSerious 0-Day Flaw in Oracle -- Patch Released
2008-07-15Maarten Van HorenbeeckOracle (and BEA, Hyperion and TimesTen) critical patch update July 15th, 2008
2006-11-29Toby KohlenbergWeek of Oracle bugs cancelled
2006-10-18Robert DanfordOracle Quarterly Critical Patch Update (Oct 2006)