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Sniffers in Perl?!?
Maybe this will be interesting to the coders out there or possibly inspire someone to solve a problem in a different way...  Download it here:

A while back I needed to do some sniffing for very specific packets in Perl.  And I needed to wrap some logic around the packet processing.  Doing regex matching and normal byte filtering in tcpdump wasn't going to be sufficient.  So I wrote a quick little script using a Perl module to interface with the libpcap library.  Everything was straight-forward and well documented until I needed to tail an existing pcap file.  Google failed me.  So through a little trial-and-error I figured out how to solve the problem.  Here is an example script on how to do this.

Lessons learned: it isn't hard to write your own customized sniffer.  Perl and Python have well-documented high-level interfaces that do most of the hard work for you.


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Oct 4th 2006

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