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Other miscellaneous stuff I've come across recently


Complexity is bad for security


I've mentioned before that I read Spaf's blog.  He doesn't post too often, but he had a story last week that really resonated with me (and he referenced the story where the Mac+ beat a new AMD machine running XP in 53% of the tests they ran).  I started programming on machines where 256KB was a lot of RAM and 256MB was a lot of whole lot of disk (yes, I have been doing this a while).  Everyone likes all their new features, but that has resulted in bloated unmaintainable code and the size and complexity has a cost in security.


Honeypot-type fake service scripts/tools

Also, these fake SMB tools have been out a couple of months, but I missed them until they were mentioned this morning on the Darknet blog.  These are useful additions to the tools I run in my malware analysis environment to spoof other services.  Also, on the French Honeynet Project tools page are fake SNMP tools that I'll have to take a look at too.  Does anyone have a good compilation of these tools?  Let me know via the contact page and I'll summarize the results next week.


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