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Intermittent Outages at

We are currently tracking intermittent outages at, where users are reciving the error message "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" .  As soon as we have more information we'll post the updates here.


tony d0t carothers --gmail


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Jan 31st 2013
If I were a company whose primary income of $100,000+ per minute was through a website, I'd have backups and redundancy be ablee to just throw a switch, and then I'm back on the air. This has happened multiple times in the last two years, and either someone isn't doing their job, or, as I suspect, enough IT resources are not being given to equipment. The outages over the last 2 years could have paid for redundancy, staff to handle it, etc. :shakes head

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It's ironic that AMAZON's web-presence is failing, the day after BEST BUY (a "big-box" hi-tech toys & home appliances) suddently closed 15 stores in Canada -- employees who reported for work yesterday were unexpectedly (to them) met by security-guards and locked doors. Signs & pamphlets with corporate-logos were posted & handed-out. Obviously, somebody planned the shutdown.

Talking-heads are saying that consumers were "show-rooming" -- viewing the physical product at retail stores like BEST BUY, and then ordering at a lower price through AMAZON (or, presumably, other similar web-presences).

I wonder if one of the 900(!) former employees knows how to launch a "DDOS" attack ??? Some employees were strictly cashiers, but most were "computer-enthusiasts" who could have such knowledge.
What is up with the commenting facility, encoding <quote>special</quote> characters into the [ampersand][string][semi-colon] format?
Any chance you're seeing similar activity at I've been receiving error messages for the past hour:

FedEx Ship Manager is unable to process your request at this time.

Please try to login again or contact Customer Service if problem persists.(Code:507234045)

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