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Cyber Security Awareness Tip #2: Multimedia Tools, Online Training, and Useful Websites

Today marks Day 2 of Cyber Security Awareness month. Today's topic off the agenda we compiled from over a hundred excellent submissions from readers.

Multimedia Tools, Online Training, and Useful Websites

User education and awareness training requires creativity. There are a number of good sources for public materials and many sites end up tailoring their own.
This is a multi-part call for input. The first question would be what sources have you found most useful?
What public materials do you see lacking?
And for folks that create their own materials or awareness and training programs what have you found most useful to get points across?

Here's a few links to resources to get things started:

Sharing of URLs is helpful, but it would provide even more benefit to describe experiences using some of these sites and materials or providing feedback on what is lacking in this space.

Many schools have been providing computer security and cyber-ethics education starting at a young age. Maybe our kids can teach us cyber security after they reset the clock on the DVD player and get the wireless router working.

So send us your tips, stories, suggestions and we'll update this diary for Day2 of Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Update #1


Theresa sent us these suggestions:

The following are handy and can help the general user.  I had linked to some as additional resources on an organization's Intranet and for a security awareness program that has not yet gotten off the ground (can't say I haven't tried...)

1.  SiteAdvisor  quizes - spam and spyware.   (see quizes links)

2.  Internet security advice from the RCMP (Canada, eh?) 

3.  Internet safety advice from the Government of Canada


4.  CNet news Personal security dashboard (okay, a little advanced for the general user)



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Oct 3rd 2007

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