Date Author Title
2023-04-07Xavier MertensDetecting Suspicious API Usage with YARA Rules
2021-02-25Daniel WesemannForensicating Azure VMs
2016-07-27Xavier MertensCritical Xen PV guests vulnerabilities
2016-02-23Xavier MertensVMware VMSA-2016-0002
2014-08-14Basil Alawi S.TaherThreats to virtual environments
2013-10-22Richard PorterGreenbone and OpenVAS Scanner
2012-06-20Raul SilesCVE-2012-0217 (from MS12-042) applies to other environments too
2012-03-09Guy BruneauVMware New and Updated Advisories
2011-11-01Russ McReeHoneynet Project: Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.) Virtual Machine released
2011-05-08Lorna HutchesonMonitoring Virtual Machines
2010-08-09Jim ClausingVirtualbox update available - looks like a few stability fixes
2010-04-02Guy BruneauSecurity Advisory for ESX Service Console
2010-03-30Pedro BuenoVMWare Security Advisories Out
2010-02-17Rob VandenBrinkDefining Clouds - " A Cloud by any Other Name Would be a Lot Less Confusing"