Date Author Title
2023-04-09Didier StevensChrome's Download Tab: Dangerous Files
2022-09-18Tom WebbPreventing ISO Malware
2021-02-04Bojan ZdrnjaAbusing Google Chrome extension syncing for data exfiltration and C&C
2017-10-27Renato Marinho"Catch-All" Google Chrome Malicious Extension Steals All Posted Data
2017-08-29Renato MarinhoSecond Google Chrome Extension Banker Malware in Two Weeks
2017-08-15Renato Marinho(Banker(GoogleChromeExtension)).targeting("Brazil")
2017-01-24Johannes UllrichCritical Vulnerability in Cisco WebEx Chrome Plugin
2015-02-01Rick WannerImproving SSL Warnings
2013-11-02Rick WannerProtecting Your Family's Computers
2013-10-17Adrien de BeaupreChrome updated
2013-05-22Adrien de BeaupreChrome 24.0.1312.52 has been updated for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame
2013-01-15Rob VandenBrinkWhen Disabling IE6 (or Java, or whatever) is not an Option...
2012-08-01Johannes UllrichGoogle Chrome 21 and getUserMedia API
2012-05-16Johannes UllrichNew Version of Google Chrome released (19.0.1084.46)
2012-01-07Scott FendleyGoogle Chrome Updated
2011-09-30Tony CarothersMicrosoft Security Essentials Mis-identifes Chrome
2011-09-18Guy BruneauGoogle Chrome Security Updates
2011-08-24Rob VandenBrinkGoogle Chrome 13.0.782.215 Released, several security updates ==>
2011-06-28Johannes UllrichUpdate: Google Chrome 12.0.742.112 released
2011-06-09Richard PorterChrome Version 12.0.742.91 Released
2011-06-09Richard PorterOne Browser to Rule them All?
2011-05-09Rick WannerVUPEN Security pwns Google Chrome
2011-04-10Raul SilesRecent security enhancements in web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome)
2011-03-09Kevin ShorttGoogle Chrome Updates Available - just in time for Pwn2Own
2011-01-26Bojan ZdrnjaGoogle Chrome and (weird) DNS requests
2011-01-13Rob VandenBrinkGoogle Chrome 8.0.552.237 and Chrome OS 8.0.552.334 released ==> and
2011-01-10Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezVirusTotal VTzilla firefox/chrome plugin
2010-12-18Raul SilesGoogle Chrome (Stable and Beta) have been updated to 8.0.552.224 for all platforms (Chrome OS too).
2010-04-21Guy BruneauGoogle Chrome Security Update v4.1.249.1059 Released:
2010-01-27Raul SilesGoogle Chrome v4.0.249.78 Released:
2009-07-18Patrick NolanChrome update contains Security fixes
2009-06-12Adrien de BeaupreGoogle updates for Chrome
2008-09-09Swa FrantzenGoogle Chrome being polished