Date Author Title
2024-02-20Xavier MertensPython InfoStealer With Dynamic Sandbox Detection
2023-10-31Xavier MertensMultiple Layers of Anti-Sandboxing Techniques
2023-03-12Guy BruneauAsynRAT Trojan - Bill Payment (Pago de la factura)
2022-09-26Xavier MertensEasy Python Sandbox Detection
2022-06-03Xavier MertensSandbox Evasion... With Just a Filename!
2021-04-02Xavier MertensC2 Activity: Sandboxes or Real Victims?
2020-09-03Xavier MertensSandbox Evasion Using NTP
2020-02-07Xavier MertensSandbox Detection Tricks & Nice Obfuscation in a Single VBScript
2017-01-06John BambenekGreat Misadventures of Security Vendors: Absurd Sandboxing Edition
2017-01-05John BambenekNew Year's Resolution: Build Your Own Malware Lab?
2016-12-10Didier StevensSleeping VBS Really Wants To Sleep
2015-12-16Xavier MertensPlaying With Sandboxes Like a Boss
2015-12-05Guy BruneauAre you looking to setup your own Malware Sandbox?
2013-01-08Jim ClausingCuckoo 0.5 is out and the world didn't end
2012-03-03Jim ClausingNew automated sandbox for Android malware
2011-11-03Richard PorterAn Apple, Inc. Sandbox to play in.
2011-11-01Russ McReeHoneynet Project: Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.) Virtual Machine released
2010-11-19Jason LamAdobe Reader X - Sandbox
2010-07-21Adrien de BeaupreAdobe Reader Protected Mode