Date Author Title
2023-11-07Johannes UllrichWhat's Normal: New uses of DNS, Discovery of Designated Resolvers (DDR)
2023-08-01Johannes UllrichSummary of DNS over HTTPS requests against our honeypots.
2023-03-31Jan KoprivaUse of X-Frame-Options and CSP frame-ancestors security headers on 1 million most popular domains
2023-03-15Jan KoprivaIPFS phishing and the need for correctly set HTTP security headers
2022-11-14Jesse La GrewExtracting 'HTTP CONNECT' Requests with Python
2022-08-26Guy BruneauHTTP/2 Packet Analysis with Wireshark
2022-08-01Johannes UllrichA Little DDoS In the Morning
2022-07-19Johannes UllrichRequests For beacon.http-get. Help Us Figure Out What They Are Looking For
2022-01-12Johannes UllrichA Quick CVE-2022-21907 FAQ
2021-10-11Johannes UllrichThings that go "Bump" in the Night: Non HTTP Requests Hitting Web Servers
2021-09-28Jan KoprivaTLS 1.3 and SSL - the current state of affairs
2021-04-19Jan KoprivaHunting phishing websites with favicon hashes
2021-04-16Xavier MertensHTTPS Support for All Internal Services
2021-03-30Jan KoprivaOld TLS versions - gone, but not forgotten... well, not really "gone" either
2021-01-25Rob VandenBrinkFun with NMAP NSE Scripts and DOH (DNS over HTTPS)
2021-01-15Guy BruneauObfuscated DNS Queries
2020-12-30Jan KoprivaTLS 1.3 is now supported by about 1 in every 5 HTTPS servers
2020-08-01Jan KoprivaWhat pages do bad bots look for?
2020-03-02Jan KoprivaSecure vs. cleartext protocols - couple of interesting stats
2019-08-14Brad DuncanRecent example of MedusaHTTP malware
2019-01-21Didier StevensSuspicious GET Request: Do You Know What This Is?
2017-12-03Xavier MertensStartSSL: Termination of Services is Now Scheduled
2017-08-18Guy Bruneautshark 2.4 New Feature - Command Line Export Objects
2017-05-05Xavier MertensHTTP Headers... the Achilles' heel of many applications
2016-07-18Johannes UllrichHTTP Proxy Header Vulnerability ("httpoxy")
2016-07-05Johannes UllrichApache Update: TLS Certificate Authentication Bypass with HTTP/2 (CVE-2016-4979)
2016-06-15Richard PorterWarp Speed Ahead, L7 Open Source Packet Generator: Warp17
2016-01-19Rob VandenBrinkPowershell and HTTPS ? It Ain?t All Rainbows And Lollipops! (or is it?)
2015-06-23Kevin ShorttXOR DDOS Mitigation and Analysis
2015-04-15Johannes UllrichMS15-034: HTTP.sys (IIS) DoS And Possible Remote Code Execution. PATCH NOW
2014-04-07Johannes UllrichAttack or Bad Link? Your Guess?
2013-12-11Johannes UllrichBrowser Fingerprinting via SSL Client Hello Messages
2013-11-15Johannes UllrichThe Security Impact of HTTP Caching Headers
2013-07-16Johannes UllrichWhy don't we see more examples of web app attacks via POST?
2013-02-22Chris MohanPHP 5.4.12 and PHP 5.3.22 released
2013-02-06Johannes UllrichHTTP Range Header and Partial Downloads
2012-05-29Johannes UllrichSpeeding up the Web and your IDS / Firewall
2012-02-08Jim ClausingChrome to stop checking Certificate Revocation List (CRL)?
2011-07-13Guy BruneauNew Sguil HTTPRY Agent
2011-07-10Raul SilesSecurity Testing SSL/TLS (HTTPS) Implementations
2011-06-29Johannes UllrichRandom SSL Tips and Tricks
2011-03-16Johannes UllrichAnalyzing HTTP Packet Captures
2011-02-15Jason LamHTTP headers fun
2010-07-30Guy BruneauWeb Traffic Analysis with httpry
2010-01-25William Salusky"Bots and Spiders and Crawlers, be gone!" - or - "New Open Source WebAppSec tools, Huzzah!"