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tcp AMD [trojan] Rootshell left by AMD exploit
tcp rockwell-csp2 Rockwell CSP2
udp rockwell-csp2 Rockwell CSP2
UDP [ICS] Ethernet/IP [ICS] Ethernet/IP
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2222tcp Probe Increase
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Johannes Ullrich 2020-09-16 13:54:15
Port 2222/udp is used by the Ethernet Industrial Protocol (Ethernet IP) which is used by industrial control systems (ICS)
Johannes Ullrich 2020-09-13 14:35:33
Schneider Modicum Quantum uses port 4418/TCP in addition to 502/TCP (MODBUS) and 2222/UDP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol). CVEs: CVE-2019-6815, CVE-2019-6816
2004-09-09 06:58:57
Microsoft Office under Apple Macintosh OS-X broadcasts ( UDP to port 2222, supposedly to check if anyone else is using the same version? s/n? of Office.
2004-07-01 16:26:45
Looks like Macs use this port for networking.
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CVE-2007-0655 The MicroWorld Agent service (MWAGENT.EXE) in MicroWorld Technologies eScan 8.0.671.1, and possibly other versions, allows remote or local attackers to gain privileges and execute arbitrary commands by connecting directly to TCP port 2222.