Threat Level: green Handler on Duty: Didier Stevens

SANS ISC: Port 2234 (tcp/udp) Attack Activity Port 2234 (tcp/udp) Attack Activity

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Port Information
Protocol Service Name
tcp directplay DirectPlay
udp directplay DirectPlay
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User Comments
Submitted By Date
jean targui 2009-10-04 18:45:22
"age of empire" is gultie or a crack of this game
SEoD 2003-08-21 15:58:08
This is the local port opened up by the Soulseek P2P filesharing app ( when it's working). Typically you will see upwards of 10 connections to your port 2234 TCP whilst using Soulseek, regardless of how many people are actually downloading from you.
2002-10-14 15:38:37
Theres an mp3-sharing programs called soulseek that uses this port aswell as 5534.
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