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1 day ago Apple, Facebook and Coinbase coughed data to finger pirate king

The Register View Synopsis+1
Alleged Kickass Torrents boss caught when he bought something on iTunes

The United States case against alleged Kickass Torrents (KAT) boss Artem Vaulin is built on data obtained from Apple, Facebook and Coinbase.

1 day ago Samsung Elec sues Huawei in China for patent infringement

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Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Friday it sued smartphone rival Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] for patent infringements through multiple courts in China, escalating a legal conflict between the two companies. The South Korean firm sued Huawei in a Beijing court for allegedly infringing six of its patents, a spokeswoman said. Huawei in May said it sued Samsung in the United States and China, accusing its rival of infringement on patents for fourth-generation (4G) cellular communications technology, operating systems and user interface software.

1 day ago Apple, Facebook and Coinbase coughed data to finger alleged pirate king

The Register View Synopsis+1
Kickass Torrents suspect caught when he bought something on iTunes

The United States case against alleged Kickass Torrents (KAT) boss Artem Vaulin is built on data obtained from Apple, Facebook and Coinbase.

1 day ago Critical Flaws Found in Cisco Networking Products

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Cisco has addressed a critical vulnerability in one of its unified computing solutions and is working on developing patches for products affected by a recently disclosed ASN1C compiler flaw.

1 day ago Cloud Vendors, The Great Disruptors, Face Disruption From Blockchain

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Over the past seven years or so, an emerging generation of cloud companies turned the tech industry on its head. Now, these cloud companies face their own disruption -- courtesy ofblockchain technology. Unless these providers develop offerings that leverage blockchain, they may see a new generation of blockchain-savvy vendors take [...]

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6 hours ago Companies Should Show Job Applicants More Love, Less Neglect

IT Toolbox Blogs View Synopsis+1
Companies continue to mistreat job applicants at their own peril, as a workforce itching to switch jobs has made it a job hunter's market. Our HR tech columnist shares tips on how to treat job hunters better.

22 hours ago iOS, Mac vulnerabilities allow remote code execution through a single image

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Researchers have discovered that image files can bury malware, allowing malicious code access without detection.

17 hours ago MacKeeper Threatened Legal Action Against 14-Year-Old

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Teenager Continues to Defy Anti-Virus Firm's Video Takedown DemandMacKeeper squared off with a 14-year-old over four videos he posted that criticized the anti-virus firm's marketing practices, warning the teenager that his parents could face steep legal fees and civil fines for alleged slander and libel.

13 hours ago Cici's Pizza Breach (July 19, 2016)

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The Cici's Pizza restaurant chain has acknowledged that attackers breached point-of-sale (POS) systems at more than 135 locations.......

11 hours ago Malicious computers caught snooping on Tor-anonymized Dark Web sites

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Misbehaving hidden service directories are scattered around the world.

1 day ago Video: How ForeScout Technologies fends off cyber attacks at the RNC and DNC

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
TechRepublic's Dan Patterson talked with ForeScout VP Katherine Gronberg about the biggest cyber threats facing the conventions, and what goes on in the command center where those threats are monitored.

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10 hours ago Kickass Torrents is back but don't trust any of the clones just yet

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1
Anyone who used to get their movie fix via torrenting sites are probably still mourning the unexpected departure of Kickass Torrents (KAT). The site became the world's biggest piracy resource after The Pirate Bay went offline for more than a month following a police raid in December 2014. However, the US government led an operation that ultimately took down Kickass Torrents this week. The site went down almost immediately after its alleged owner was arrested in Poland a few days ago. Since then, Kickass Torrents resumed activity online, but you should be very wary of the unofficial sites that pop up after takedowns like this. Some of them may have ulterior motives in mind apart from simply restoring a renowned piracy site. DON'T MISS:  Two of the best iPhone 7 leaks yet both surfaced last night According to The Verge , at least two KAT clones were spotted online, including (which is believed to originate from IsoHunt) and . However, TorrentFreak notes that has no ties to IsoHunt whatsoever. This copycat just lists torrent files from the past one and a half years, but it doesn't have a working forum or even upload functionality. "It's not perfect, but if users need to save and archive something, it's time. We don't know how long it can last, but at least it's something," the people behind the site told TorrentFreak . The creators of claim that the site is "hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare." Furthermore, they told The Verge that the site features am a mobile version and that it "will has [sic] the complete torrent database of KAT, including the comments, user information intact." is one other site that has advertised itself to reporters as an "official" backup of KAT, but that's not the case, as the person behind it isn't involved with KAT at all. With all that in mind, you should pay attention which KAT-branded piracy sites you visit in the next few days, if that's your thing. Some of them might be fronts and you might end up downloading a whole mess of malware instead of the movie you were trying to steal.