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7 hours ago Millions of Android Phones Infected With "Hummer" Trojan

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

An Android Trojan dubbed "Hummer" has infected millions of smartphones and experts believe the malware could have helped cybercriminals make a significant amount of money.

17 hours ago Babe, why are there filthy smut apps on your phone?! ... Er, hackers gave me a Hummer!

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Chinese malware infection hits 1.4 million gizmos at its peak

Security researchers are warning about the continuing spread of Hummer, a powerful trojan that roots handsets, downloads pornographic applications, and displays pop-up ads at random intervals.

7 hours ago Google's surprising discovery about effective teams is not so surprising

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Here is the Google's surprising discovery about effective teams. But Google has done extensive research too into the skills and character traits of a good

5 hours ago Hackers: Ditch the malware, we're in... Just act like a normal network admin. *Whistles*

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Nmap in hand, they're soon working pwned systems like a boss - study

Hackers almost exclusively use standard network admin tools to move around a compromised network once they've broken in using malware or other hacking techniques.

8 hours ago Improving Fraud Prevention After SWIFT-Related Heists

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
In the wake of recent SWIFT-related interbank payment heists, more banks are monitoring transactions for anomalous behavior in an attempt to catch fraud in real time, says Andrew Davies, a fraud prevention expert at core banking services provider Fiserv.

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5 hours ago Android Trojan malware makes hackers $500,000

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The irremovable Hummer is now the number one Trojan in the world, with over one million current victims.

5 hours ago Panama Claims This Tech Entrepreneur Bribed His Way Out Of Colombia Prison -- He Says It's Lying

Forbes View Synopsis+1
Mayer Mizrachi, CEO of encrypted messaging firm Criptext, is accused of bribing his way out of La Picota prison. But he says the Panama government is lying and he's the subject of a political persecution.

5 hours ago Google Maps for Android is getting the desktop feature you've been waiting for

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1
One of the coolest Google Maps tricks is being able to set multiple destinations. You no longer have to plan simple A-to-B trips, and then request new directions whenever a new destination comes along. With multiple stops, A-to-B-to-C-to-D routes are easy to set up. However, as useful as the feature is, it also used to be pretty annoying in one significant regard: it was only available on the desktop website, which is hardly convenient when most people rely on iPhone and Android for their navigating. Thankfully, that just changed, and you're going to be able to use multiple destinations on mobile as well. DON'T MISS: The iPhone 7 nightmare As is often the case with Google Maps, Android users will be the first to get the new feature as soon as update 9.31 rolls out. As Android Police reports , a beta version of the update shows that Google is actively working on implementing the multiple stops feature, and the feature is finally going live for users. The following screenshots show you what setting up multiple destinations looks like on mobile. The site says the feature is likely activated by "a server-side switch," not an actual update to Maps, but you should still update Google Maps to the latest version available and wait for Google to make the feature available in your area. It's likely that Google Maps for iPhone will also receive the future in the near future. After all, Google likes to offer iPhone users the same set of features that are available on Android, especially considering the increased competition from Apple Maps .

4 hours ago 1.2 million infected: Android malware 'Hummer' could be biggest trojan ever

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Security researchers recently issued warnings against a trojan family known as Hummer, which affects more than a million phones by installing malware and unwanted apps.

1 day ago 25 Symantec products open to "wormable" attack by unopened e-mail or links

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
If you use a Symantec or Norton product, now would be a good time to update.

19 hours ago " Automated Hardening Framework"

Appsec Streetfighter Blog View Synopsis+1
  Editors Note: Today's post is from Jim Bird. Jim is the co-founder and CTO of a major U.S.-based institutional trading service, where he is responsible for managing the company's technology organization and information security program. Automated configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef and Puppet are changing the way that organizations provision and manage their … Continue reading Automated Hardening Framework

1 day ago Cerber Ransomware Targets Office365 Users (June 27 and 28, 2016)

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More than half of cloud security firm Avanan's customers using Office365 received phishing emails that were designed to infect computers with ransomware.......

1 day ago SANS 2016 State of ICS Security Survey

SANS Reading Room View Synopsis+1
Analysis of survey data collected between January and April 2016 indicates that security for ICSes has not improved in many areas and that many problems identified as high-priority concerns in our past surveys remain as prevalent as ever. In this report we focus on identifying and prioritizing recommendations to address the greatest concerns.

Latest News

2 hours ago Thank You for Killing the Smart Contract

IT Toolbox Blogs View Synopsis+1
Blockchain can quickly turn into the hammer that sees every problem as a nail. Blockchain is good. However as I have said before ? blockchain implementation and execution models need to look at incorporating other technologies and concepts into the fold to be effective.

2 hours ago Inside the global terror watchlist that secretly shadows millions

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The database contains profiles on millions of "heightened-risk individuals," and is used by dozens of leading banks, governments, and spy agencies.

6 hours ago Enhancing Security Through Information Sharing

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Internal opportunities for information sharing might seem obvious, but are easily overlooked.

6 hours ago MySpace, LinkedIn Data Just a Click Away

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Researcher Posts Links to Hundreds of Millions of CredentialsThe MySpace and LinkedIn data dumps have been made available by a security researcher on his website, which is perhaps the most easily accessible source to obtain it. But does it put people at greater risk?

31 minutes ago VoIP patent litigant welcomes Supreme Court decision on punitive damages

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Reacting to a ruling with wide implications for industry-wide innovation, has applauded the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the two-part test previously used to determine the amount of punitive damages courts could award in cases of willful patent infringement.

The court ruled in Halo Electronics v Pulse Electronics that US courts may award damages

46 minutes ago Hackers Can Exploit LibreOffice Flaw With RTF Files

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

The developers of the open source office suite LibreOffice informed users this week that they have patched a vulnerability which could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code using specially crafted RTF files.

46 minutes ago Bizmatics Cyberattack: Assessing the Fallout

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Tracking the Impact of Hack of Cloud-Based EHR VendorBreach fallout continues to mount in the aftermath of a cyberattack on cloud-based electronic health records vendor Bizmatics, which apparently affected hundreds of thousands of patients. The saga highlights important security lessons for covered entities when it comes to dealing with business associates.

1 hour ago US courts didn't reject a single wiretap request in 2015, says report

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The number of wiretaps rocketed by 17 percent on the year prior.

1 hour ago Hillary Clinton's Pandering Tech Agenda Focuses On STEM And A Fantasy Of Government Efficiency

Forbes View Synopsis+1
The Clinton campaign has released their tech agenda. So what does Hillary have in mind for the future of tech?

1 hour ago Apple's iPhone turns nine: 5 ways it's still better than Android

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1
Apple changed the world nine years ago when it released the first iPhone. It sounds hyperbolic but I assure you, the original iPhone quite literally reshaped the mobile industry. It also changed the way we access information and connect with each other. The giants of the industry at the time have now all but vanished. Android, which was being developed as a terrible BlackBerry copy , was reimagined and released as the platform we now know. There have been plenty of retrospective pieces covering the iPhone to celebrate its nine-year anniversary, and some have been fairly interesting. But in light of all the negativity currently surrounding Apple's next-generation iPhone , I thought it might be nice to look at some of the ways Apple's mobile phone is still far better than its chief rival, Android. MUST READ:  The iPhone 7 nightmare User Experience Beginning with the most broad advantage the iPhone and iOS have over Android devices, Apple's UX is still in a league of its own. Google has taken tighter control of Android in recent years and we see "pure Android" shine through more and more with each new handset generation. This has had a huge positive impact on the overall Android user experience, which had for a long time been a muddled mess. Even pure Android can't quite compare to iOS though, which offers levels of simplicity and fluidity that are unmatched. Tight inter-device integration and proprietary services also add to the experience. Products like iMessage and FaceTime don't just lock users in, they offer superior quality and consistency. Sharing content between iPhones is also a snap. And if you own multiple Apple devices like an iPhone, iPad and MacBook, Continuity features bring better and tighter integration than you'll find anywhere else. Apple controls the hardware and the software experiences so the company is able to offer a product that aligns perfectly with its vision. Rumors suggest Google may finally be working on its own phone, but the company has quite a bit of ground to make up before it can even approach the experience Apple has crafted. Software Updates I wrote just about everything there is to write on this matter earlier this year . In a nutshell, the open source Android distribution model that led to the platform's success is also one of its biggest disadvantages. Almost no Android users have access to new updates when they're released. Instead, they have to wait months or longer before they gain access to the latest features and security updates. Many Android phones will never have access to new releases even after just a couple of years. The most widely used version of Android in the world right now was released in 2014. And Android Lollipop's market share (35.4%) is just a few points higher than KitKat (31.6%), which was released all the way back in 2013. Security Apple's iOS security is an advantage in so many ways. From encryption to general policy, Apple has a very pro-consumer approach to the way it protects its devices and services. And then you have app development and distribution to consider, which are controlled much more tightly by Apple than they are by Google. There is no question that Android apps have exciting capabilities you won't be able to enjoy on an iPhone. But all that freedom brings serious risks. Scary new malware that targets the Android platform is discovered on a weekly basis at this point. Meanwhile, as security expert Graham Cluley pointed out in a recent post , iOS hasn't ever had a major malware incident. Third-Party Apps It's as true today as it was seven years ago when the App Store first launched: iOS apps are better than Android apps. "Better" is subjective, so I'll elaborate. Apple's stricter guidelines for developers result in a far more consistent user experience across all iOS apps, first- and third-party. They look similar, they're fast, they're smooth, and they're far more reliable than apps on rival platforms. As I've written before, the same app from the same top-tier developer will always offer a better experience on an iPhone than it does on an Android phone. The third-party app ecosystem Apple has created is the main reason I can't ditch the iPhone and switch to my favorite smartphone, which just happens to be an Android phone. Customer Service and Support Last but certainly not least is customer support, which is an area where Apple has no competition. When you have a problem with your iPhone, Apple employees do everything they can to fix it. The best experience comes in Apple Stores, where friendly reps work with customers one-on-one to resolve any issues. And if an issue can't be resolved, the customer walks away with a new iPhone that has already been filled with all of his or her data. Apple's phone support is nearly as impressive. In some ways, it's even more impressive. Phone reps are friendly and patient, and they always do everything they can to resolve any issues and avoid having a device sent in for inspection. Often times you'll even receive a follow-up call to ensure your issue was resolved and your device is still working properly. Making a sale is the easy part and Apple knows it. After-sale service is yet another area where Apple shines far brighter than rivals, and it's one of the main reasons iPhone buyers keep coming back.

2 hours ago Why antivirus programs have become the problem, not the solution

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Staggeringly poor programming and security practices have made antivirus programs a gaping security hole in millions of computers.

2 hours ago Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Could Have Triple-Lens Front Camera

Forbes View Synopsis+1
It's been expected for some time that Samsung might be about to introduce a new security system for its forthcoming smartphones which will allow users to unlock the device by simply looking at it. With trademarks recently registered for both "˜Samsung Iris' and "˜Samsung Eyeprint' and a new "˜Galaxy Tab Iris' [...]

3 hours ago Skyrocketing Android ransomware has quadrupled over past year, says new report

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
A Kaspersky Lab reports Android ransomware is booming, quadrupling over the past year alone, shedding light on the growing problem of non-PC ransomware.

3 hours ago Hillary Clinton's Tech Agenda Focuses On STEM, Pandering, Hopes And Dreams

Forbes View Synopsis+1
The Clinton campaign has released their tech agenda. So what does Hillary have in mind for the future of tech?

4 hours ago We now have a choice

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For many, many years we didn't have any choice. Not because there were no alternatives but because there was no compatibility between those alternatives. If you wanted to run a normal business, do school or collage work or even just play some games and general computing then there was no other operating system in general usage besides windows.


Windows was so popular not because

5 hours ago House Committee Seeks Crypto Calm

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
But Legislative Group Hug Won't Change Encryption FactsWould access to better information pertaining to encryption help Congress pass good crypto-related laws? That's the impetus behind a "Digital Security Commission" and related report being hawked by some lawmakers.

5 hours ago LizardStresser botnet targets IoT devices to launch 400Gbps attacks

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The vulnerable status of our Internet of Things (IoT) devices has gifted the DDoS tool with resources it cannot resist.

10 hours ago Big Blue finds big green in derailing transport

The Register View Synopsis+1
Big bucks in pillaging parking

The transport sector is a booming lucrative playground for cyber criminals that is increasingly fragmented, IBM researchers say.

11 hours ago Honey, why are porno apps on your Android?! Er, um, malware did it!

The Register View Synopsis+1
Mobes face Hummer summer bummer

Security researchers are warning about the continuing spread of Hummer, a powerful trojan that roots handsets, downloads pornographic applications, and displays pop-up ads at random intervals.