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1 day ago Trump Pulls Gloves Off On Offensive Cyber Actions

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Presidential Order Loosens Restrictions On Use Of Cyber WeaponsU.S. President Donald Trump signed a presidential order on Wednesday that revokes a set of Obama-era guidelines for offensive cyber operations, reports The Wall Street Journal. The policy change may satisfy critics who contend the U.S. should be able to move faster, but raises risks of escalating cyber conflict.

2 days ago Firefox add-on snoops on 200,000 users' browsing activities

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The add-on was quietly removed from a recommendations list on the official Firefox blog.

1 day ago NotPetya malware attack: Chaos but not cyber warfare

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
While the Russian military run cyber attack was economically damaging, it doesn't cross the threshold into warfare, claims report by Marsh.

1 day ago 'Hacky hack hack': Teen arrested for breaking into Apple's network

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The Apple fan allegedly managed to download roughly 90GB in corporate documents as well as access customer accounts.

1 day ago 'Hacky Hack Hack': Australia Teen Breaches Apple's Secure Network

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

A schoolboy who "dreamed" of working for Apple hacked the firm's computer systems, Australian media has reported, although the tech giant said Friday no customer data was compromised.

Top News

9 hours ago 'Oh sh..' - the moment an infosec bod realized he was tracking a cop car's movements by its leaky cellular gateway

The Register View Synopsis+1
Internet boxes blab coordinates on login pages

Black Hat If you want to avoid the cops, or watch deliveries and call-outs by trucks and another vehicles in real-time, well, there's potentially not a lot stopping you.

14 hours ago Microsoft: 5 tips for developers to reduce malware false positives

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Digitally signing files and keeping a good reputation are among the best practices Microsoft lays out for developers.

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55 minutes ago Facebook Messenger backdoor demand, bail in Bitcoin, and lots more

The Register View Synopsis+1
If you're not already suffering from Black Hat/DEF CON overload

Roundup It's time for another rapid roundup of computer security news beyond what we've already reported.

9 hours ago SentinelOne makes YouTube delete Bsides vid 'cuz it didn't like the way bugs were reported

The Register View Synopsis+1
Research silenced amid copyright, trademark claims

If you were at BSides Manchester in England this week, you hopefully caught James Williams' presentation on the shortcomings of some commercial antivirus tools.