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14 hours ago Foxit PDF Reader is well and truly foxed up, but vendor won't patch

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We've got Safe Mode and that's safe enough, vendor tells ~400m users

The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) has gone public with a Foxit PDF Reader vulnerability without a fix, because the vendor resisted patching.

11 hours ago Mirai copycats fired the IoT-cannon at game hosts, researchers find

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After first wave attacks ended, thing-herders took aim at PlayStation, XBOX and Valve

The Mirai botnet that took down large chunks of the Internet in 2016 was notable for hosing targets like Krebs on Security and domain host Dyn, but research presented at a security conference last week suggests a bunch of high-profile game networks were also targeted.

9 hours ago Turla Cyberspies Use New Dropper in G20 Attacks

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The Russia-linked cyber espionage group known as Turla has been using a new malware dropper in attacks apparently aimed at entities interested in G20, security firm Proofpoint reported last week.

7 hours ago Ukraine Central Bank Detects Massive Attack Preparation

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Banks in Ukraine Alerted to Attack Spread via Malicious Word DocsUkraine's central bank has warned state-owned and private banks that a new malware campaign, targeting financial services firms across the country, may be a prelude to a new assault of Not-Petya proportions, Reuters reports.

7 hours ago WannaCry ransomware attack at LG Electronics takes systems offline

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Consumer electronics giant confirms WannaCry was found on a self-service kiosk in South Korea and systems were shut down for two days to prevent spread.

Top News

19 hours ago Choose The Right E-mail Solution For Your Small Business

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If you have been using a generic e-mail provider as a growing enterprise, you'll soon realize that without a business-oriented solution, you'll run into a myriad of problems. First, if you're using a free webmail service, you won't have the option of using your brand's name in the extension. Unfortunately, in the professional world, this can diminish your credibility.

8 hours ago Separating Fact From Fiction: The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity

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Machine learning can deliver transformative insights in some domains, but it has limitations.

8 hours ago Want to improve cybersecurity? Try phishing your own employees

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Employees are a company's weakest security link. Here's why running internal phishing attacks can strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Latest News

7 hours ago The daily grind in the life of a spammer

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Ever wonder what the working week of a spammer looks like? Researchers find out.

25 minutes ago Hackers scam half a million from Enigma digital currency investors

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Sucky security leaves MIT cryptoboffins red-faced

Cunning hackers have successfully duped investors out of almost $500,000 after compromising the servers of the online currency platform Enigma.

1 hour ago 5 Ways Mobile Device Management Drives BYOD Policy

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The history of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a rocky one. Since the beginning, IT departments and business owners have tried to understand the idea and learn how to make it positive for the business instead of a headache. To help them achieve this goal, software emerged on the market called mobile device management (MDM). Rather than review specific MDM tools, however, this article

2 hours ago 10% of UK's top firms would be screwed in a cyber attack - survey

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And just 6% say they're fully prepared for GDPR

Most of the UK's top businesses are underprepared for new data protection rules, while 10 per cent have no response plan for a cyber attack, according to a government survey.

2 hours ago Report: British Officials Knew of Marcus Hutchins Arrest Plans

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Information Security Researchers Fault GCHQ for Failing to Help WannaCry 'Hero'A report claims British intelligence agency GCHQ knew in advance that the FBI planned to arrest WannaCry "hero" Marcus Hutchins when he visited the United States for the annual Black Hat and Def Con conferences last month. The information security community asks: Is that justice?

2 hours ago Using the data driven Roadmap to Visualizing student progress

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The cost of education continues to rise; this has prompted the higher learning institutions to have a bigger challenge when demonstrating the return and value on investment. For the educators to address these challenges, most of the institutions have created a roadmap as an interactive dashboard,

3 hours ago PlayStation Social Media Accounts Hacked

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A notorious hacking firm, probably best described as greyhats rather than white or blackhats, briefly breached the PlayStation Facebook and Twitter accounts on Sunday.

3 hours ago This is when your business is most likely to get hit by malicious spam attacks

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New research from IBM determined where, when, and how spammers are most likely to hit your company.

4 hours ago Assessing Cyber and Physical Risks to Oil & Gas Sector

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It should come as no surprise that the upward trend of larger-scale attacks against critical infrastructure poses substantial cyber and physical risks across the enterprise.

4 hours ago Tech Leaders Warn Against "Pandora's Box" of Robotic Weapons

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Elon Musk is leading demands for a global ban on killer robots, warning technological advances could revolutionise warfare and create new "weapons of terror" that target innocent people.

4 hours ago Landing that infosec job: These experts share their best career advice

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ZDNet asked four security experts for their top advice for getting into the infosec world.

4 hours ago How we found that hidden Apple job listing

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Sometimes a job opportunity can pop up where you least expect it.

4 hours ago Gartner's Avivah Litan on Attribution and Elections

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Analyst Offers Insights on Technologies to Improve Digital Attribution and Voter AuthenticationAs threats and threat actors multiply and evolve, digital attribution becomes ever more critical, says Gartner's Avivah Litan. She discusses how to approach attribution and also offers her take on the technologies that could help secure U.S. elections.

5 hours ago British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins

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WannaCry killer had been working with the spy agency

Secretive electronic spy agency GCHQ was aware that accused malware author Marcus Hutchins, aka MalwareTechBlog, was due to be arrested by US authorities when he travelled to United States for the DEF CON hacker conference, according to reports.

5 hours ago Musk, tech leaders urge UN to ban AI-powered lethal autonomous weapons

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A group of 116 tech executives recently penned an open letter urging the UN to double its efforts protecting against autonomous weapons, which some have called 'killer robots.'

5 hours ago Video: Understanding the tech talent shortage

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Steve Martino, VP and CISO at Cisco Systems explains why cybersecurity needs to be a core component of every organization, and how to create an effective cybersecurity culture in the office.

5 hours ago Carbon Black: Bug Shared Content Files with VirusTotal

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Bug Has Been Patched; 10 Customers on MacOS AffectedCarbon Black rolled with the punches last week after it was accused of exposing customer data via a bug in one of its endpoint detection products. It turned out there was no bug. But the company has gone back and uncovered a bug that did exposure customer data, albeit on a small scale.

6 hours ago What Cyberthreats Do Higher Education Institutions Face?

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When it comes to cyberthreats, business isn't the only sector with a target on its back.

8 hours ago Big Business Got Railroaded; Change is Scary

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"Change management" scares even managers