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6 hours ago ASD Essential Eight cybersecurity controls not essential: Canberra

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The Australian government demonstrates its can't-do attitude to computering yet again. Requiring all agencies to follow the Australian Signals Directorate's 'best advice' is just too hard.

6 hours ago Source code of Carbanak trojan found on VirusTotal

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Carbanak source code has been available on VirusTotal for two years, and security firms didn't even notice.

5 hours ago Like that other bloke who rose from the grave, the El Reg security desk is back this week...

The Register View Synopsis+1
...and here's a quick summary of what's been going down in infosec land

Roundup Welcome back, Brits, from your Easter break - assuming you weren't working or on-call over the four-day weekend.…

2 hours ago Apple facial recognition tech prompts student to sue for $1 billion after false arrest

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The case revolves around a teenager that was falsely accused of stealing from Apple stores.

17 hours ago What Led to a $4.7 Million Breach Lawsuit Settlement?

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Washington State University Case Involved Theft of a Hard Disk DriveWashington State University has agreed to pay more than $4.7 million to settle a lawsuit stemming from the theft of a portable hard disk drive from a self-storage unit. The drive contained information - much of it unencrypted - on more than 1 million individuals.

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22 hours ago The 5 most hacked passwords

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
More than 23 million people were breached after using the password 123456, according to the UK's National Cyber Security Centre.

21 hours ago Examining Triton Attack Framework: Lessons Learned in Protecting Industrial Systems

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Recently, the infamous Triton (also known as Trisis) malware framework made news again after researchers from FireEye found evidence of the same attacker lurking in other critical infrastructure.

1 day ago WannaCry Stopper Pleads Guilty to Writing Banking Malware

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Marcus Hutchins, aka MalwareTech, Says He Regrets Coding, Distributing 'Kronos'Marcus Hutchins, the British security researcher who helped stop the massive WannaCry ransomware outbreak in mid-2017, has pleaded guilty to developing and distributing "Kronos" banking malware when he was younger.

1 day ago Popular jQuery JavaScript library impacted by prototype pollution flaw

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Prototype pollution flaws are "the next big thing" in JavaScript security research.

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18 minutes ago Facebook asked to clamp down on cops creating fake accounts

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Police officers are creating covert, fake accounts in order to spy on users during investigations.