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1 day ago Hillary Clinton broke law with private email server - top US govt watchdog

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System also came under hacking attacks (just like everything else on the internet)

A report by the US State Department's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has found presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton did breach record-keeping laws - by using a personal server for work emails. The watchdog added she was not alone in the practice.

1 day ago DDOS-as-a-service offered for just five dollars

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Freelancer-finding site Fiverr boots out sellers, but DDOS prices are plunging everywhere

Freelancer-finding site Fiverr has booted out users offering distributed denial of service attack for-hire groups for as low as US$5.

1 day ago Guess which movie people want to see even more than "˜The Force Awakens' and "˜Civil War'

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Disney has been on a roll for the past 12 months, having released not one but two huge blockbusters including Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Captain America: Civil War . As big as those two movies were, the company also has plenty of other highly anticipated titles in the making and it looks like there's one trailer that people wanted to watch even more than The Force Awakens or Civil War . DON'T MISS: Microsoft's just turned Windows 10 into malware You've probably seen the first teaser for the Beauty and the Beast live-action film that's due March 17, 2017. It's a 90-second video that will immediately remind you of the animated version of the story, also a Disney favorite. How excited are people for this movie? The teaser generated 91.8 million views in its first 24 hours, beating The Force Awakens (88 million views for the second trailer), Civil War (61 million) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (55 million), The Hollywood Reporter notes. The teaser trailer debuted on ABC's Good Morning America  this past Monday morning, before appearing online and airing around the world. If that first 24 hours is any indication of box office performance, then Disney has likely locked down yet another blockbuster title and potential cash cow. Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The entire cast is spectacular - we're looking at Kevin Kline, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. That alone should guarantee an incredible film.

1 day ago ICSA Labs wants IoT industry to seek security certification

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But will anyone care?

The venerable ICSA Laboratories - these days a subsidiary of Verizon - has added Internet of Things certification to its cyber security certification.

23 hours ago Blighty's National Cyber Security Centre cyber-reveals cyber-blueprints

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NCSC will address best practices and incident response

The UK government has released the prospectus for its National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), ahead of the launch of the facility this Autumn.

Top News

5 hours ago No stars for Internet of Things security

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At this week's AusCERT 2016 conference, an embedded device security specialist proposed a 'Security Star' rating for consumer IoT devices. It's a great idea, but it'll never happen.

4 hours ago If Microsoft is banning stupid passwords, why does it still allow "Pa$$w0rd1"?

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Sadly, there's not much services can do to save users from their own poor habits.

3 hours ago Spring Updates for CRM

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Spring Updates Promise Better Customer Experience


SugarCRM recently announced the release of the latest version of their platform, Sugar 7.7, which includes enhancements designed to improve both productivity and the customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, first released in November, is adding a new update that comes with a brand-new

2 hours ago Quiet cryptologist Bill Duane's war with Beijing's best

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The co-developer of RSA's SecureID explains how he fought against Chinese crack

AusCERT In March 2011, a suspected-to-be-Beijing-backed hacking unit infiltrated security giant RSA, successfully subverted its SecureID product and hacked top American defence contractor Lockheed Martin.

55 minutes ago Push for encryption law falters despite Apple case spotlight

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By Dustin Volz, Mark Hosenball and Joseph Menn WASHINGTON/ SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - After a rampage that left 14 people dead in San Bernardino, key U.S. lawmakers pledged to seek a law requiring technology companies to give law enforcement agencies a "back door" to encrypted communications and electronic devices, such as the iPhone used by one of the shooters. Draft legislation that Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Intelligence Committee, had circulated weeks ago likely will not be introduced this year and, even if it were, would stand no chance of advancing, the sources said. Key among the problems was the lack of White House support for legislation in spite of a high-profile court showdown between the Justice Department and Apple Inc over the suspect iPhone, according to Congressional and Obama Administration officials and outside observers.

19 hours ago "Wekby" Group Uses DNS Requests for C&C Communications

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Palo Alto Networks researchers noticed that a China-linked advanced persistent threat (APT) actor has been using a piece of malware that leverages DNS requests for command and control (C&C) communications.

18 hours ago Account Takeover: The Bane of E-Commerce

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Akamai's Smith on Why Simple Attacks Have a Surprising Success RateE-commerce retailers face an ongoing battle: their websites are constantly hit by bots using stolen credentials to try to take over accounts. What can companies do to protect themselves? Akamai's Michael Smith offers advice.

12 hours ago The Second Reformation: Transitioning To The Economic Era

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This article was originally published at Editor's Note: The Global Affairs column is curated by Stratfor's editorial board, a diverse group of thinkers whose expertise inspires rigorous and innovative thought in our analyses. Though their opinions are their own, they inform and sometimes even challenge our beliefs. We welcome that [...]

9 hours ago 11+ security questions to consider during an IT risk assessment

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IT risk assessments are crucial to minimize the fallout from cyberattacks. Experts explain why and suggest what questions to consider to assess your company's risk.

15 hours ago Blueprint for CIS Control Application: Securing the SAP Landscape

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Any data breach can be expensive, but the potential cost rises with the value or exploitability of the data targeted in an attack.

Latest News

58 minutes ago Symantec pins Philippines bank attack on Bangladesh Bank heist group

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Code similarities between two pieces of malware has led to security vendor Symantec saying the group responsible for the $81 million Bangladesh Bank heist hit a bank in the Philippines beforehand.

3 hours ago 12 more banks now being investigated over Bangladeshi SWIFT heist

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Symantec becomes the second firm to link the hack to the Sony Pictures attack.

7 hours ago U.S. panel launches trade secret theft probe into China steel

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The U.S. International Trade Commission said on Thursday it launched an investigation into complaints by United States Steel Corp that Chinese competitors stole its trade secrets, fixed prices and misrepresented the origin of their exports to the United States. U.S. Steel, in its complaint under section 337 of the main U.S. tariff law, is seeking to halt nearly all imports from China's largest steel producers and trading houses. The commission identified 40 Chinese steel makers and distribution subsidiaries as respondents, including Baosteel , Hebei Iron and Steel Group , Wuhan Iron and Steel Co Ltd , Anshan Iron and Steel Group and Jiangsu Shagang Group.

8 hours ago Who's to Blame? Investigating an ERP Failure

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Life as an ERP expert witness has its pros and cons. While it?s discouraging to see the magnitude of failure that many organizations face when trying to implement new enterprise software, there are plenty of lessons learned from ERP failure that help project team members avoid the same mistakes in the future.

8 hours ago Symantec says SWIFT heist linked to Philippines attack, Sony hack

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By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hackers who stole $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank have been linked to another cyber attack, this time on a bank in the Philippines, in addition to the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, cyber security company Symantec Corp said in a blog post on Thursday. If confirmed, the Philippines incident would represent the fourth known cyber attack against a bank involving fraudulent SWIFT messages. SWIFT, as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is known, this week urged banks to bolster their security, saying it was aware of multiple attacks.

8 hours ago Watch right here as SpaceX attempts a difficult rocket landing

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SpaceX is ramping up the number of launches of its Falcon 9 rocket, which is good for the company, and great for fans of large explosions. Tonight, Elon Musk's rocket company is shooting a commercial communications satellite to geostationary orbit. The first stage will once again try and land on a barge in the ocean, but the trajectory of the launch means that the landing will be "challenging." DON'T MISS:  Microsoft just turned Windows 10 into malware Tonight's payload is THAICOM 8, a commercial comms satellite that needs to get to a high orbit above Southeast Asia. Getting a satellite that high means going faster and higher, which creates problems for the landing. The Falcon 9 first stage uses whatever leftover fuel it has to decelerate and land, so the higher and faster the rocket has to go for launch, the less fuel it has to slow down before hitting the barge. With those caveats in mind, SpaceX is describing this landing as "challenging." But it said the same thing about the last landing it attempted, and that went more or less perfectly to plan. The launch window opens at 5.40 pm E.T, with a backup launch window tomorrow if needed. SpaceX will be streaming the entire thing, landing included, on the YouTube channel below.

8 hours ago If Microsoft is banning stupid passwords, why does it still allow "Pa$$w0rd"?

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Sadly, there's not much services can do to save users from their own poor habits.

9 hours ago Enterprise Mobility and Intimacy: This is Not a Viagra Commercial

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When one talks about mobile intimacy, it is not a lead-in to a Viagra commercial. Mobile intimacy is one of the qualities along with connectivity, pervasiveness, portability, priority and memory by which Carsten Sørensen of The London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Management Information Systems and Innovation Group described enterprise mobility capabilities.

9 hours ago How Could Congress Help Bolster Healthcare Cybersecurity?

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The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives is calling on Congress to create financial incentives for healthcare providers to boost their cybersecurity. Leslie Krigstein of CHIME offers examples of potential incentives in this in-depth audio report.

10 hours ago UnaPhone Zenith promises to protect your privacy - but there's a catch

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By ripping out Android services and features, Una says its device is more secure.

11 hours ago What can technology fix?

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Technology, it is a word which covers an awful lot of things. Just about everything we interact with today is in some way related to technology. Without technology we would not have the standard of living we have today.


The thing about technology is that those of us who live and breath it tend to think that technology can fix everything and if technology cannot fix things