virtual server design
I need to create a virtual server that will spin up a copy of a base Windows 10 VM for up to 10 users. The VM will be identical, but I want to bind/map a data drive unique to the user logging in. I want each session to end without changes. Each session will be a fresh, new version of the base image.

This is for a document review platform where the data set CANNOT be placed on the regular network and I am tired of creating external hard drives that may be unsecured or lost by the end users.

This is new area for me. I have created and used a single VM on my desktop, but have no exposure or background in the design of a virtual server.

I am not sure how Windows licensing must be handled. I am not sure if the separate data drive mapping is possible. I will develop as a standalone system with users accessing via a switch, but eventually this will be deployed with users VPN connecting to the system.

Any guidance, reference books/tutorials would be appreciated. This cannot be a cloud service. I am not tied to any particular Hypervisor. I have a development system that is an older HP DL580 G5 system with 48GB of RAM and 8 X 300GB drives.

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