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Trustwave Trustkeeper Phish

Just got another interesting phishing e-mail. This time around it is security company Trustwave that is being phished. I am not a customer, so I am not sure how well these e-mails reflect the real thing, but they confused me for a while. The give away that this is a fake is the from e-mail address as well as the link leading to a different site then advertised.

Click on the image for a full size example.

trustwave phishing email

[Update:] An analysis of this phish by Trustwave's own Spiderlabs can be found here: 

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Our Barracuda appliance shows a LOT of incoming "scan warning" spam starting at about 2/21 1100 EST.

Thankfully all either blocked or quarantined.

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25 Feb 2013 - "... this "TrustKeeper Vulnerabilities Scan Information" -spam- leads to an exploit kit on saberdelvino .net...The malicious payload is at [donotclick]saberdelvino .net/detects/random-ship-members-daily.php (report here*) hosted on the following IPs: (PT Telekon, Indonesia) (Langate, Ukraine)..."
... Blackhole 2

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One of these madeit thruclamav and spamassassin and into my INBOX today. :-(

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