Please help with securing my website
Hello everyone!
I have a constant problem with my website. Once in several weeks it gets hacked and spreads malware.
Recently I hired a guy who said he fixed all the vulnerabilities. But I want to be sure that my website is not going to be hacked again. Can you recommend some services/companies that can evaluate security of my website. Since it is a private project, I cannot afford expensive solution.
Will be grateful for any advice.
Yours Michael.

Never try to login/access your online account from the sites other than the original site. Always type the URL of the site in the address bar to get into the site. Do not click on a hyperlink to enter the site. Alvirajohn

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Check out this free scan tool and the sucuri website security service:

OP, The internet is a dangerous place, there are always new vulnerabilities. to remain secure you need to understand what technologies you are using, how they work, and keep on top of the vulnerabilities in that software. You have to make sure your site is patched, and that if you are managing the server, that the host OS is patched. As far as assessments, there are free vulnerability scanners you can download and use to see your threat posture. SasK

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I had a look at the email chain with Microsoft and to my surprise I've been incorrectly saying they refused to help without Premium support tickets. Sorry EMET team :) :(!

They actually answered quite a few of my questions after a few weeks of followup emails but from what I can tell they were busy working on 5.0 at the time after emet 4.1 bypass papers.


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