Windows Phone talking to port 8765
Hi, I'm new to the forums. Also, I'm not very experienced looking at firewall logs. Recently, I became interested and started to take a close look at the traffic on my local network. I was surprised today when I saw that my Windows Phone 8 was attempting to communicate with ip= on port 8765. My home network was blocking the traffic but there is nothing I can do to stop the traffic when I leave my network range and switch to GSM other than turning off cellular data. Geolocation shows that the IP address is in Redmond so I'm guessing it's Microsoft. I researched the port and discovered that 8765 is associated with Ultraseek-Http. I could not find much about it. My concern is that I do not know what it is and other than trying to catch it with wireshark, there is no good way to find out unless maybe you guys already know. Currently, I do not know how to cause my WP8 phone to make a connection attempt.

Any information you guys might have would be great.

I don't know much about windows phones but a quick Who Is check shows this IP address is owned by Microsoft so its probably okay.


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