Why is the entire community so... I don't know the words...
Group A Attacked
A - Will fix
Group B Attacked
B - Will fix
Group C Attacked
C - Will fix
Group D Attacked
D - Will fix
Group E Attacked
E - Will fix

Everyone is keeping their head down as much as possible. When "hit" it's always a, Oh, sucks to be F, he must have missed something.
OCCASIONALLY, we get a comment from a security expert who comments with something like... Wow, the bad guys attacked a Hospital, during Covid... That's poor sportsmanship there... (roughly)

How come no one, NOONE, ever says... Right, This will not do...
FINDS the attacker (not impossible, given determination and $$$)
and ELIMINATES them (Note: I did not say brings them to justice. that's a silly concept for most of the planet, especially if you are working FOR a government)
Yes, a group I used to work for a couple years ago is currently trying to get enough $$$$ to pay a ransom. It is a game with 0 downside for the attackers. If enough of them got a visit by a nondescript middle aged man, followed immediately by them getting fitted for a proper location in hades, the survivors might adjust their risk/reward a wee bit

Yes, the above is intended to be dark humor. (or Possibly the plot of an upcoming movie...)

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