Twitter confirmation spam
One of our users received an email
From: Twitter <>
To: زواجي <>
Subject: Confirm your Twitter account, زواجي

Confirm your email address to complete your Twitter account. It's easy - just click on the button below.

Click on the link below or copy and paste it into a browser: .....

They are asking me if it's malicious. The URL is really twitter, and I can't see any obvious malware.

What's going on here ?
If I click on the link myself (Firefox on Linux) I get auto-logged into twitter as me (as I have a twitter account, and cookies and a password saved in my browser), and see a message:
"You're signed in as <myname> You can't confirm the account for zvaigzniteh26"

Is this an attempt to hijack an account, or get followers or twitter traffic ?

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Could you send us the complete URL? (Via…) Anonymous

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