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SonicWALL Setup
Syslog is one option, and easiest if you can send the logs to a Linux syslog server. I should easily be able to write a parser that will filter out extra lines once it is in syslog.

If I remember right, SonicWall also had the option to send logs as e-mail. Does this option still exist? I could resurrect support for that and include the newer versions. Can you set a "Subject" or just the "To" / "From" address? I think that was an issue in the past.

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The LAN side of the firewall is pretty basic now that all serving has been moved to the cloud (20 or so devices behind a dynamic IP), but it wouldn't be out of the question to set up an unused box as the syslog server and let it run 24/7. Ideally, I was hoping to find a way to use the firewall to hold the logs and then automate a batch process for submission. As I started working with it, syslog seemed to be only viable option.

You are correct about not being able to set the subject on e-mailed logs through the SonicWALL. The options are very limited and only allow setting the send to address, send schedule, log format (text/HTML e-mail, or CSV attachment), and a checkbox to include/exclude all log information. Oddly, there is a "Health Check E-mail Notification" option on the Log/Automation page that does allow you to set the subject line.

As a thought, do you think there is any possibility to e-mailing the log as a CSV file and dumping it to a selected folder on one of the workstations for parsing and submission? If the CSV can be parsed, that may be the easiest method.

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e-mail would be another option. Parsing the CSV file should be simple. As far as sending it to us directly, maybe it does add some mail header identifying itself. take a closer look at what the emails look like, or let me know if you need help with a quick parser for the CSV files. (if you can capture them on a linux system). Johannes

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