Security Protocols to Follow while Working From Home!
Hey All!
Many of you have already worked from home and some are still doing it,
Working From Home is a tough ask for the companies who have never adopted this culture in years, but due to this pandemic they have to adopt it for self existence and to compete.
This WFH have led to many security concerns and to let us to think over the security measures that are necessary to take.
But above all the most crucial part is how to avoid leaking of the documents, pdf and zip files that we share on the platforms like skype or zoom.
Because these platforms are much vulnerable to hackers and confidential documents can ever land to their hands.
so is their a way to avoid such risks?
As most of the companies are not security centric and they don't know much about the security protocols and sops to follow while working from home.

So anybody out their who is currently working from home and have adopted some standards of work please share.
Thanks in advance

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