Router- FW Upgrade
Currently I am running a Cisco 871 with QOS,IPS and some other eye candy however recently I have moved my speed tier to 100 MEG on 6141 and considering 300, however 100 meg is my target, currently for those familiar with this router best you can do from all configs is around <35 Meg, the UL is not an issue.

I am considering moving to Cisco RV 180, small form factor, clean and offers a lot of extras that needed to pay for in the 8XX series.

Background.. M6141, Dell W/S DP running RAID on 15K drives (the box is sweet) The AP is also Cisco 12XX lightweight since I am not a fan of AN1 technology.

The ones I have tested, Watchguard firebox, (great but >$), Sonic Wall, great but a lot of $ and I do not waste time with anything lower than what I have printed above.

So, anyone use the RV series? If so, problems ( Yes I have TAC) but want real world data. Any legit data would be helpful, going to do this by EOM.



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