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How to make the social media accounts safe from hacking?

I run an electronic store. I maintain accounts on all social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. I read about social media sites being hacked. When I searched online for some measures to protect the accounts, I came across a blog about password safety.

They have given a " trick to come up with a great, yet easy to remember, password: take a memorable sentence and base your password on the first letter of each word."

But, they say it can only make it difficult for the hackers but not completely safe. I am concerned about it. I would like to know what measures can be done other than this tricks to protect my social media accounts.

Please, advice.

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Use 2 factor authentication where possible
Use a password manager so you can generate long. complex, strings of random characters
Change the passwords often

Aside from that monitor the accounts for unusual activity.

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Try to use two-factor authentication for the accounts that support it. In some cases (e.g. Facebook), you can set it up that they will send you an email and/or SMS message whenever someone logs into your account from a new device. The idea of passphrases works well too. Also: Make sure that you use a different password for each account. I highly recommend a "Password Safe" tool to help you remember the different passwords. These tools can also come up with random passwords for each account. Examples are Lastpass, 1Password, Dashlane, Keepass. Johannes

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You have to follow few thing to safe social accounts from hacking

1.Install antivirus software
2. Use strong passwords
3. Enable two-factor authentication
4. Move passwords to a management program
5. Action your account with your phone number.

Hi! You can use very complicated password and don't need to remember it. I'm using Last Pass to storage all my passwords.It's safe and free. Anonymous

Two-step verification can be considered but this feature is not available on all social networking platforms. It is always better to change the password periodically. Priti

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