i got this list from way back in 6/5/2011 and would like a newer / newest version. the contents look like this:
anyone know where i can find the latest ?

# services
# only the 'prefered' service is shown for each port/protocol combo.
echo 7/tcp #
echo 7/udp #
discard 9/tcp #Discard
discard 9/udp #Discard
systat 11/tcp #Active Users
systat 11/udp #Active Users
daytime 13/tcp #
daytime 13/udp #

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/etc/services on every Unix box .. and the IETF/IANA online database here iana.org/assignments/service-names-port-numbers/… . Or are you looking for a file that includes the "malicious" ports as well? This wouldn't make all that much sense, because the ports used by today's trojans and viruses change constantly. Anonymous

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