VMware Advisory - UDF file system handling

Published: 2011-10-05
Last Updated: 2011-10-05 17:31:13 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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VMware has released security advisory VMSA-2011-0011 which describes a remote code execution vulnerability in VMware Workstation 7.1.4 and earlier, VMware player 3.1.4 and earlier, and VMware Fusion 3.1.2 and earlier.  Note, VMware released Workstation 8 and Fusion 4 late last month, so if you have upgraded to the bleeding edge, you are not affected.

Jim Clausing, GIAC GSE #26
jclausing --at-- isc [dot] sans (dot) edu

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They also released VMWare Player 4.0.0 two weeks ago, which I imagine is also "bleeding edge" and not affected.

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