VB detection: is it so difficult?

Published: 2008-04-03
Last Updated: 2008-04-03 13:57:25 UTC
by Bojan Zdrnja (Version: 1)
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One of our readers submitted a malware sample his machine got infected with recently. The sample was a worm written in Visual Basic, so it was an easy analysis.

The worm offered nothing new really – the only thing that surprised me was how destructive it is (today we normally see only sneaky malware that tries to stay on your system as long as possible). Except setting dozens of registry keys to disable certain executables from being run (such as Anti Virus programs, but simple programs as Notepad as well), it did something really nasty:

set yeah=fso.CreateTextFile("C:\Northstar.bat")
yeah.WriteLine "@echo off"
yeah.WriteLine "cls"
yeah.WriteLine "deltree C:\Program Files\*.*"


In other words, it tries to delete all the files under the Program Files directory. Besides this, it tries to delete two other files:

Set k = fso.GetFile("c:\windows\explorer.exe")
Set k = fso.GetFile("c:\windows\regedit.exe")


Due to Windows File Protection, this will fail, but we can see that the malware author decided to be very destructive (the worm replicates itself to all available shares and disks before this).

After playing with it I decided to see what's the AV coverage of this (simple) piece of malware … and the result was shocking. On VirusTotal, only 11 out of 32 AV detected it:

AntiVir      2008.04.03          VBS/Zapchast
AVG     2008.04.02          VBS/Small
BitDefender  7.2           2008.04.03          Win32.Ariss.A@mm
DrWeb  2008.04.03          modification of VBS.Generic.458
eSafe      2008.04.01          VBS.Crystal
F-Secure     6.70.13260.0  2008.04.03          Type_Script
Kaspersky     2008.04.03          Type_Script
NOD32v2      2998          2008.04.03          VBS/SysLock.A
Panda       2008.04.02          Suspicious file
Rising   2008.04.02          Worm.Larisa.a

Webwasher-Gateway  6.6.2   2008.04.03          Script.Soad.2

As you can see, most major anti-virus programs missed this (very simple) piece of malware. We've sent the sample to them so hopefully they will start detecting it soon, but this is another example of why we must not ignore old(er) technologies that the bad guys still rely on.



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