Tool updates and Win 8

Published: 2012-05-06
Last Updated: 2012-05-06 20:40:42 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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Rumor has it that somewhere outside the bat cave, it is a beautiful summer-ish day, but fear not, we shall shun the sunlight and watch for internet evil.  Well, okay, I'm inside for the moment watching the handlers list, but that probably won't last for long.  Since it has been a slow day, I figured this would be good time pass on some info on updates to some of my favorite tools.  In particular, Harlan Carvey has updated RegRipper to v2.5 and laid out his roadmap toward v3.0 which he expects to release later this year.  It doesn't look like this will affect me much personally since I mostly run RegRipper from the command-line on Linux, but it did cause me to update the Parse::Win32Registry perl module on may analysis system to v1.0 (something you may want to do too, see Harlan's post about running into 'big data' issues).

Also, Didier Stevens has updated his TaskManager.xls spreadsheet, that allows injecting of shellcode to kill stubborn processes.

And, finally, Windows 8 is available to testers, so I was interested in Amanda C. F. Thomson's Windows 8 Forensics Guide, available for download over at the Propeller Head Forensics blog.


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