Red Team Tools Updates: hashcat and SpiderFoot

Published: 2016-08-22
Last Updated: 2016-08-22 16:50:45 UTC
by Russ McRee (Version: 1)
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Two kits favored by red teams and penetration testers have been updated recently, namely hashcat and SpiderFoot. Hashcat and SpiderFoot together read like a Robert Redford/Paul Newman movie title (yes, I'm that old). :-) Thanks to handler Rob Vandenbrink for the hashcat call out.

hashcat & SpiderFoot

Hashcat v3.10: The world's fastest password cracker, and the world's first and only in-kernel rule engine

  • Added some workarounds to deal with problems caused by broken OpenCL installation on the host system
  • Improved rule-engine: Enabled support to use the missing @ rule on GPU
  • Improved rule-engine: On Nvidia, the rule-engine got a small performance improvement

SpiderFoot 2.7.0: An open source intelligence automation tool to automate the process of gathering intelligence about a given target: IP address, domain name, hostname or network subnet. SpiderFoot can be used offensively, i.e. as part of a black-box penetration test to gather information about the target or defensively to identify what information your organisation is freely providing for attackers to use against you.

  • Six (6) new modules:
    • search for malicious e-mail addresses
    • search
    • IBM X-Force Threat Exchange search
    • Amazon S3 bucket search
    • Phone number identification
    • Public vulnerability search (PunkSpider and XSSposed)
  • Authentication and HTTPS support
  • Scan by use case: e.g. use "Passive" for gathering info without touching the target
  • SpamCop,, VXVault, VOIPBL and more added as malicious data sources
  • Pastie and added as data paste sources
  • Data can be flagged as false positive in the UI (with trickle-down effect)
  • Bunch of bug fixes and minor enhancements
  • User manual updated:
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