New Security Challenge - It Happened One Friday

Published: 2008-03-25
Last Updated: 2008-03-25 13:06:43 UTC
by Raul Siles (Version: 1)
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Hi ISC readers and  challenge fans! A new security challenge has been posted by my good friend Ed Skoudis and Matt Carpenter at Ethical Hacker dot Net. This time Ed and Matt try to test your security skills with a whole bunch of Unix/Linux commands and related logs. You can access the challenge here. Answers are due by Sunday April 20, 2008.

BTW, did you notice the Matrix look and feel? :) Personally, I had lot of fun with Ed's challenges in the past, so I encourage you to participate. Even if you think it focuses on an OS you don't have lot of knowledge about, or it is too advanced or complex, try it just to check what you can reach. Do it for the prize (an autographed book), for fun, or just to improve your skills, but... try it!
Raul Siles

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