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Never disable your firewall, no matter how good it sounds

Published: 2008-07-27
Last Updated: 2008-07-27 21:03:07 UTC
by Tony Carothers (Version: 1)
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On a very slow rainy day here throughout the US (hitting both coasts today) I thought I'd share this tidbit of wisdom that we should never let go of: NEVER disable your home or personal firewalls, no matter the reason.  If there is a site that won't work because of your firewall, they need to figure out how to make it work for you.  It is the site that wants 'you' and 'your business' so they need to post instructions to aide in you safely and securely configuring your home and personal firewalls.  If they won't, do a bit of research, ask a friend, or ask a computer pro to assist with a packet capture and find out what needs to be done.  We here at the ISC are always willing to help with that sort of thing as well.  But please, please, *please* don't disable the firewall!



3 comment(s)
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