More tools for (US) Memorial Day

Published: 2009-05-25
Last Updated: 2009-05-25 22:49:16 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 2)
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For those of you (in the US anyway) enjoying a day off and BBQ-ing, here is another cool new tool I came across earlier today over on Malware Forge, called nPeID.  Like my, it uses Ero Carrera's pefile package.  I'll be checking it out later this afternoon.  Also, C. S. Lee has a nice little post on using the editcap program from the wireshark package.

Keywords: pefile python tools
2 comment(s)


Good post. Did you try out the tool?
I'm playing with it right now. Looks cool. I'm still not sure how useful it will be in practice, but I love the idea.

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