Microsoft Update on Windows 98, Microsoft Outlook

Published: 2004-01-03
Last Updated: 2004-01-04 04:59:13 UTC
by Davis Sickmon (Version: 1)
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There might be a minor issue with Windows 98 machines and Microsoft
Update. We had a report of a user who hit Windows Update with a machine
that had been last patched in Dec 2003. On Jan 2, 2004 the machine was
updated again - and it listed needing all updates for the system.

However, we've had not corroboration of this - no other reports and a
fellow handler could not replicate the bug. Testing on Windows 2000 Pro
and Windows XP Pro also did not replicate the bug. If you've seen this
come up, you might mention it along with circumstances under which it
occurred. Otherwise, we may just file this one as a PotM Error.


For some this is not new news: It's being recommended by Russ Cooper of
NTBugTraq[1] to keep the Preview Pane in Outlook closed. The issue boils
down to a difference between how AutoPreview handles messages -vs- what
happens when you open the message normally. You can read Russ's full
comments here[2]

Handler On Duty, Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr - Midnight Ryder Technologies



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