End of the road for Cisco CSA

Published: 2010-06-18
Last Updated: 2011-01-25 00:04:04 UTC
by Adrien de Beaupre (Version: 1)
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Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for the Cisco Security Agent. There is no replacement available for the Cisco Security Agent at this time.
(Sales end this December, Maintenance the following December, and it will no longer be supported after December 2013).
Thanks Brian!

Adrien de Beaupré
Intru-shun.ca Inc.

2 comment(s)


Even though I hate Cisco CSA because it doesn't let me do the things I have to do on a daily basis, this is sad.
This is terrible! I heard Johannes mention this a few days ago... and I am still in shock!

My Organization has been a LONG-TIME user of CSA, and now we are up a creek without a paddle!

The only bright-side to this is that we have a pretty good relationship with Trend Micro, and we might migrate to their Deep Security product.


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