Disaster donation scams continue

Published: 2008-05-17
Last Updated: 2008-05-17 00:05:47 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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Now that you are done regenerating SSH keypairs and SSL certificates on your Debian and Ubuntu machines, we return you to our usual programming.  Oh, wait, we have an oldie but goody that has returned.  Ever since Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 (see http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=643), we've seen after every significant natural disaster, the scammers start registering domains and try to collect donations.  The last 2 weeks have seen Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar and then the big earthquake in China and as expected, we've seen registration of domains related to those disasters.  These may not all be scams, but we repeat the advice we first gave nearly 3 years ago, if you wish to donate money to help the victims of these disasters, we suggest you stick to the established charities that you have a relationship with (such as the Red Cross or Church World Service or the like) through their main web pages or the phone.

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