Denial of Service against Time Warner (San Diego)?

Published: 2009-02-19
Last Updated: 2009-02-19 19:40:14 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 2)
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We've had unconfirmed reports this morning of a Denial of Service against the DNS servers for Time Warner in San Diego.

We'd appreciate a contact at Time Warner to write in an let us know if they are experiencing any issues so we can clarify this article.  The reader that wrote in to tell us said that they switched their DNS resolution to OpenDNS and everything cleared up.

UPDATE:  We've had several readers write in to tell us they are experiencing issues with Time Warner in California as well.  Thanks for writing in.  We still have had no reports from anyone at Time Warner itself.

-- Joel Esler

4 comment(s)


Had the same issue with Time Warner last night out of Garden Grove 90 miles north and can't remote into satellite office this morning.
I can suggest a possible motive for this. With the trial against The Pirate Bay filesharing website ongoing, the Swedish IFPI anti-piracy agency's website was reportedly (according to defaced yesterday and the following text displayed.

"The ruthless hunt conducted by the IFPI, Anti-Piracy Office, Warner Bros., and all the other companies with a pawn in the game has now resulted in a trial in which four innocent men are accused of copyright infringement.

"This is a declaration of war against anti-piracy outfits and the industry players behind them, and we urge the public to boycott and lynch those responsible. IFPI is just the beginning. To be Continued."
@steven Thanks for your theory, you may have something there!
@scsmith77 Thanks for letting us know!

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