Cyber Security Awareness Month - Day 30 - Role of the network team

Published: 2010-10-30
Last Updated: 2010-10-30 14:09:39 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 1)
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Day 30 ends week four of the Cyber Security Awareness Month. First, a network team needs a a leader to who will serve as a point of contact and in most cases a Subject Matter Expert in networking and a project manager.

The Network Team is usually responsible for the network infrastructure and may need to evaluate, recommend, maintain and deploy security products on the perimeter and corporate network.

Some of the requirements might include:

  • Implementing, supporting and maintaining security and network infrastructure
  • Solid understanding of enterprise architecture
  • Have a broad knowledge of networking technologies and a sound understanding of TCP/IP
  • Ensure a reliable service for all corporate users
  • Identify and develop scalable network designs, solutions and policy recommendations

If you are part of a network team and would like to share some of your other roles, you can share them via our contact form.


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