CSAM Some more unusual scans

Published: 2013-10-10
Last Updated: 2013-10-15 18:20:02 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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Most of us who regularly look at firewall and other logs get to know the usual targets, 22, 5900, 5060, etc.  Most of the time these are fairly obvious and self explanetory.  However on occasion you do see some that are a bit more unusual.  For example this morning a scan was detected along these lines: 

src                             Dest IP                       dport   -->   2xx.xxx.xxx.67         1723 (pptp)   -->   2xx.xxx.xxx.83         1723 (pptp)   -->   2xx.xxx.xxx.96         1723 (pptp)   -->   2xx.xxx.xxx.23         1723 (pptp)   -->   2xx.xxx.xxx.114       1723 (pptp)   -->   2xx.xxx.xxx.200       1723 (pptp)

A port scan looking for PPTP VPN connections, not something you see every day. The next step when a connection is made? not sure,  if you have any packets or logs you can share relating to this that would be much appreciated.  

Another scan picked up was a brute force password guessing attempt with a small change:

Sep 17 13:38:32 zprd sshd[83594]: Invalid user ant from
Sep 17 13:38:36 zprd sshd[83598]: Invalid user office from
Sep 17 13:38:39 zprd sshd[83601]: Invalid user pc from
Sep 17 13:38:43 zprd sshd[83604]: Invalid user bureau from
Sep 17 13:38:46 zprd sshd[83607]: Invalid user jasmin from
Sep 17 13:38:50 zprd sshd[83612]: Invalid user laura from
Sep 17 13:38:53 zprd sshd[83615]: Invalid user david from
Sep 17 13:38:57 zprd sshd[83618]: Invalid user david from
Sep 17 13:39:00 zprd sshd[83621]: Invalid user scanner from
Sep 17 13:39:04 zprd sshd[83624]: Invalid user webmaster from

Instead of guessing the same userid with many passwords, they are guessing one password with many different userids.  Works more often than you would think and also stays below the lockout threshold.   We saw this about April-May last year, but it looks like it is still going strong. 

Enjoy digging. 



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I have been seeing this 1-pw-many-users thing pretty much constantly for years.
I have over the last 3 - 4 months seen attempts to brute force PPTP accounts. Many different usernames and I assume the same password as the attempts rarely lock an account out.
This is what I have been receiving about once a day on my router:

Nov 30 00:53:23 pptpd[6174]: CTRL: Client control connection started
Nov 30 00:53:23 pptpd[6174]: CTRL: EOF or bad error reading ctrl packet length.
Nov 30 00:53:23 pptpd[6174]: CTRL: couldn't read packet header (exit)
Nov 30 00:53:23 pptpd[6174]: CTRL: CTRL read failed
Nov 30 00:53:23 pptpd[6174]: CTRL: Client control connection finished

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