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Published: 2009-09-01
Last Updated: 2009-09-01 21:22:08 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 2)
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We had several ISC readers reporting that Gmail is down. Gmail will be providing updates here under Google Apps Status.

Update:  We have confirmation that Gmail is now back in several parts of the Globe.

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7 comment(s)


As a workaround you use the gmail widget from your iGoogle account you can access gmail.

You can sign into iGoogle using your google account from the front page of
Google also says that if you use POP or IMAP, you can access your Gmail accounts. I'm curious if this affected the "Apps Premier" customers as well? It would impact the guarantee of 99% uptime.

Have a great day:)
We're not premier, but our student population was affected on the EDU side.
During the outage I was seeing a latency yellow for Verizon-Qwest at; drilling into that I saw a latency red for Verizon-Quest Tampa.
Responding to the "impact the guarantee of 99% uptime" comment... That's not as impressive as it may sound. Many companies base this guarantee on a yearly average... That way they can have a bad day, but still be within their "guarantee". There are 8760 hours in a (non-leap year) year. 1% (the not-guaranteed portion) is 87.6 hours a year--a little over 3.5 days of downtime/year.

Also common uptime guarantees are:
97% -- 10.95 days
99% -- 3.65 days
99.9% -- 8.76 hours
99.98% -- 1.752 hours
99.99% -- 52.56 minutes

As the guarantee gets higher, the more confident they are in their system--accounting simply for upgrade downtime, but also the more narrow the "definition of downtime" can become. I was dealing with a company that had a 99.99% downtime, but their definition of downtime was "internally caused events". Great they are confident in their ability to not trip over a power cord, but doesn't say much for their confidence in their security if they aren't guaranteeing uptime against outside attacks or viruses...

My two cents.
I just thought you guys would like to see this. I am not sure how 'official' this is but:

Gmail blog with additional info.
"I was dealing with a company that had a 99.99% downtime,"

It wasn't these guys, ,was it?

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