Hey, at least they are warning you!

Published: 2008-12-19
Last Updated: 2008-12-19 20:55:34 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 1)
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Received an email from a reader today (thank you Florian!): 

It says that they ordered two "SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frames w/1GB Internal Memory" today for Christmas, and promptly received this email shortly after:


Greetings from Amazon.com.

We have recently learned that Samsung has issued an alert affecting its SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame. Our records indicate that you have purchased one of the digital photo frames through the Amazon.com website and are therefore affected by this alert.

The alert involves the SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frames w/1GB Internal Memory, designed to work with Windows-based PCs via a USB connector. They were sold between October and December 2008 for about $150.

The alert concerns discovery of the W32.Sality.AE worm on the installation disc SAMSUNG FRAME MANAGER XP VERSION 1.08, which is needed for using the SPF-85H as a USB monitor. If you are using Vista or a different version of Frame Manager, this issue does not affect you.

If your anti-virus software displays a Virus Alert after you have installed Samsung Frame Manger 1.08 using the installation CD, please perform the following procedure:

1. Quarantine or delete the W32.Sality.AE worm.

2. Uninstall the current version of Frame Manager 1.08 you installed from the install CD. (Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find and then click Frame Manager in the Add or Remove Programs dialog, and then click Remove.)

3. Download and install the updated version of Frame Manager XP 1.082 from the Samsung Download Center: www.samsung.com/us/support/download/supportDown.do?group=&type=&subtype=&model_nm=SPF-85H&language=&cate_type=all&dType=D&mType=SW&vType=L&prd_ia_cd=05200100&disp_nm=SPF-85H

4. After you install Samsung Frame Manager 1.082, reboot your computer to complete the process.

If these steps do not correct the problem, please call Samsung Service Hotline at 1.800.SAMSUNG (800-726-7864).

If you purchased this item as a gift for someone, please notify the recipient immediately and provide them with the information in the Samsung Alert concerning this issue.

We regret the inconvenience this alert has caused you but trust you will understand that the safety of our customers is our highest priority.

Thanks for shopping at Amazon.com.


Customer Service


Hey, at least they are telling you!


-- Joel Esler http://www.joelesler.net

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