Microsoft Security advisory for Safari and Windows

Published: 2008-05-31
Last Updated: 2008-05-31 22:41:58 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 2)
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The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) has posted an entry to alert people of a security issue (advisory 953818) for users using Safari on the Windows platforms.  As many of you know Apple distributed the Safari browser to Windows users, first as an “update” and later as new software, but still defaulted to install.  So it was really only a matter of time before something nasty would take advantage of it.

The way I read it, the blended threat takes advantage of something Safari asks Windows to do.  Currently the advice is “Customers who have changed the default location where Safari downloads content to the local drive are not affected by this blended threat.”  In other words if you are using Safari on Windows, change the default download location.

If you have details of this threat please contact us.

Update:  the issue may be related to

Update 2:  It's been confirmed that the issue is related to the above link.  The suggested workaround according to Aviv is ineffctive, just don't use Safari is his suggestion. 

Mark - Shearwater

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