Request for Packets: Port 15454

Published: 2018-07-18
Last Updated: 2018-07-18 18:52:01 UTC
by Kevin Liston (Version: 2)
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Starting 12-JUL-2018 the number of DShield participants reporting probes for port 15454 started to rise.  It popped up on the experimental trends report ( yesterday.  Fellow handler Richard Porter thought it sounded like a "debugger port for an App" and after a quick jaunt to The Googles he returned with an old report that this port opens up when the Clound9 IDE is doing its thing. (Source:

We're curious if that initial guess is correct or not.  Are you seeing this as well?  Any pattern to the source or interesting tool marks.  Or better yet: Got Packets?

If so, hits us up on the contact form:



Looking at my own sensors, I see one source  It was looking for ports in the 15000 range.  So looking at the DSHield logs for port 15453 port 15455  port 15456 around 15454 you see a similar uptick.  IN additon to the 15000 ports it was also hitting 22.

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3 comment(s)
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