Would you hire a spammer?

Published: 2013-09-06
Last Updated: 2013-09-06 12:44:50 UTC
by Adrien de Beaupre (Version: 1)
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I peruse through my spam folder periodically looking for anything out of the ordinary. I also examine quite closely email that are obviously spam that make it through to my inbox. This one in fact reads a lot like a job application, or a business promotion  attempt gone wrong. Unlike a job application it was not addressed to anyone in particular, and was in fact sent to the SANS Internet Storm Center Handlers distribution list. The fact that the handlers are on a spam list I suppose is not surprising. What I find odd is that this person who is looking for work bought a list for the purpose of spamming it! He did not attach a resume (unlike spammer Bernard Shifman) however did place a link to his LinkedIn profile so that the recipients of his spam can read all about his having achieved his MBA. Which made me wonder if they teach spamming at college or university these days? My thoughts on the subject are that spamming is not the way to go when marketing yourself or your business. Also I am fairly certain SANS would not hire a spammer as a 'business analyst'. The handlers list has never been used to advertise any job openings. Which really has me wondering where he got it? Also where would he get the idea that spamming random people on the Internet would help his job search?

Here is the first part of the correspondence:

He is unapologetic and responds that he is being creative!

I wonder if they teach ethics in business at the place he acquired his MBA? What do you think? Creative or a spammer?
Would you hire or do business with a spammer? He appears to be in good company, has spamming become the new resume distribution method of choice?:

I find it depressing that the spammer appears to have in fact gotten a job roughly four weeks later. Well, according to his LinkedIn profile, so it must be true!

A recommended read on how to actually find a job without sending spam:

What is a 'Bernard Shifman':

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