Installing and getting started with the DShield Universal Client (CVTWIN)

Before installing CVTWIN on a machine that is a production server, please read the troubleshooting section, below.


Download (if you haven't already) and run

After cvtwin-setup.exe has completed, run Start / Programs / DShield / DShield Universal Firewall Client

First go to Edit/Configure to configure it.

Then do File/Convert, to see if it found your firewall log and converted it to DShield format.

Then File/Send Test email to (your email address) to see if the email functions are working. It should send the firewall log you just converted to you (using the email address you set in Edit / Configure.)

If all this worked, then you are ready to submit your log to DShield. Click on File / Email to to submit the log.

See the Help menu for complete documentation, including instructions on how to set this up on the Task Scheduler so it will automatically convert and send.


If you have already installed CVTWIN, v. 1.0.17, or later, then you can update to a new version by downloading . Follow the instructions at .

If you are using a version earlier than 1.0.17 then you must upgrade by downloading and running You must first uninstall the previous version. Select "Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs". Choose "DShield Universal Firewall Client" and click on "Add/Remove..." When it finishes uninstalling, run SETUP.EXE to install the new version.

Report any problems to Please include the firewall program and version that you are using.


If you want to control every aspect of installing CVTWIN, then you can use the manual installation process that is described at

Or you can download and compile the source code from This requires Microsoft Visual BASIC 6 Professional SP6.


A problem has been reported by a user after installing CVTWIN using cvtwin-setup.exe on a machine that is also a web server. If you get this error:

BUG: ASP Error 80070005 "Server.CreateObject Access" When You Create a Visual Basic Component

See this page for a description of the problem and how to resolve it

CVTWIN is written using Microsoft Visual Basic Professional Edition for Windows 6.0, SP5

Note that this problem only affects web servers that are serving .ASP pages.


WS2_32.DLL (Winsock 2) was installed in previous versions of CVTWIN. However, some users have reported problems after this was installed. Accordingly, the SETUP.EXE program has been modified to not install it. You probably don't need a new WS2_32.DLL because most modern versions of Windows already have it.

But if you, for some reason don't have it, then WS2_32.DLL is included in this zip file. If CVTWIN works as installed, then ignore WS2_32.DLL. If you need it, then copy it to C:\Windows\System (Windows 9x) or to C:\Winnt\System32 (NT). Make sure to not overwrite an existing copy of WS2_32.DLL.

WS2_32.DLL is contained in WS2_32.DLL.ZIP. Unzip it, if you feel you need it. You probably only need to install this version of WS2_32.DLL if you are using an old version of Windows 95 or Windows 98 and the send-as-email operations fail. Otherwise, ignore this WS2_32.DLL.

CVTWIN-SETUP.EXE is really a self extracting zip file, so you must unzip CVTWIN-SETUP.EXE to get WS2_32.ZIP. Then unzip WS2_32.ZIP to get WS2_32.DLL